song of the moment

those who have known me for a long time would surely know that i’ve always been somewhat drawn into “the darkness”. sad, depressive stories, poems. gothic fashion, make up, music. there was a time in my life when i only wore black clothes (though seeing my previous entry, i’m sure you can’t even imagine it!).

i still do that, too, sometimes dressing up in all black, from my make up down to the shoes. “all black” and “bursts of colours” will always have equal place in my heart. i love both extremes, the bubbly cheerful world and the dark depressed world exist side by side inside of me.

i got to know Azam Ali from my mum. she sent me a link to one of her songs, and i fell in love instantly. the middle east influence gives that bizarre exotic feeling, but what i enjoy the most is that she also has a bit of darkness inside of her. and in almost all her music, too.

i listened to her album “Elysium For The Brave” almost constantly and non-stop when i was writing my first finished story. the whole album is almost like the soundtrack of my fiction, even if the story itself has nothing to do with middle east (but it is a bit… mystical).

this particular song is one of my favourites, though it’s hard to call any fave, since i love almost all of her songs. it’s called “From Heaven to Dust”, and i suggest you listen to it with your eyes closed (or well, of course, you can also enjoy the video, if you prefer!).

The leaves tell
of the flower’s death
of the hours spent
in this graveyard
no one tending to its pain
no one tending to its shame

Your eyes tell
of a star’s death
its house drained
of old memories
of night holding within its claim
the light pending to pay its debt

PS: i do not own the video/music, just wanted to put it here for personal use, and share it with the rest of you.

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