Liebster Blog Award

i had put this off for far too long, since i got ‘nominated’ earlier this month. :p

what took me so long, other than not having the proper time to think of the answers to the questions and more questions to ask, was getting to know what this award is in the first place. and how does it work?

apparently, after trying to find it from Google, Liebster Blog Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. “Liebster” is German for “favorite”. This award is the “favorite blog award.”

what confused me was, if we are nominated, then how do we know if we have won it (or not)? fret not, my friends, as i have found the answer to that too. 🙂

being nominated means that you’re offered the chance to either accept the award or refuse it. if you accept it, then you’ll have to do as the rules say, which basically is like keeping the award moving forward by tagging more people and so on. if you don’t want to accept it, then you can just ignore it, i guess. but anyways, if you do accept the award, that means: you HAVE won it, LOL.

the one who nominated me was Aya from Confessions of a Cavewoman. i still have no idea how you ended up in my small blog, but thank you once again for the nomination! 🙂

Official Rules:

1. Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.

2. They must also answer the 11 questions the ‘tagger’ has set for them.

3. They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.

4. They must then choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers and tag them in their post.

5. These lucky bloggers must then be told.

6. There are no tag backs.


11 things about me:

1. Sax Silverain is not my real name. i’ve used the alias on the internet for almost as long as i’ve been using the internet, and i intend to keep it that way. 🙂 at first, i thought of the word ‘Silverain’ as a name i call my fave colour, bluish white or silvery blue. since Silverblue doesn’t quite have a ring to it, i thought of another word that can make people think of the colour blue when they hear it, so ‘rain’ it is, hence the word ‘Silverain’. as it so happens, i love rain, too. my real, full name starts with the letter S too, and i’ve always liked that letter, so to add to the ‘last name’, Sax seemed like a good name (and yes, i also like hearing the saxophone). and voila! Sax Silverain was born in the internet. 😀 (no, i’m not gonna post my real, full name here for security reasons!)

2. this WordPress blog is my 4th blog so far. i started my blogging journey with Livejournal, and soon afterwards i also opened up another blog in Deadjournal. my Livejournal blog started as a place where i would post updates on my website, but then it became a bit too personal, LOL. as i moved to Finland, i moved virtually as well to Multiply, and when they announced a few months ago that they’re closing their doors on personal bloggers, i was forced to move once again. this is now my new home, and let’s hope i won’t ever have to move again!

3. i loathe my highschool years –> note the present tense in the sentence. (it feels good to write that down!)

4. i’m a self-taught seamstress. that sounds cooler than it actually is, but what i meant was that i taught myself how to sew a complete piece of clothing. truthfully, i was taught how to draw my own pattern and how to sew when i was in middle school (in the handcraft class), but i absolutely HATED IT back then, LOL! little did i know it would’ve helped me a lot now if i had paid attention back then! i had always been interested in clothes, but back then i was more interested in WEARING them, not making them!

5. i’m a baby and dog stalker. which means if you bring your baby/dog anywhere near me, i’d probably try to steal 100 glances at them and follow them/you around until it becomes too obvious to you, LOL.

6. i don’t talk as much as i write in real life, unless i’m only with my closest friends/family members. but my head is always full of things i’m thinking about, and i always listen to what other people around me say. i just don’t necessarily think it important for me to speak out loud.

7. not talking that much doesn’t mean i’m shy. i LOVE performing, and have performed many times in my life, starting from dancing classic ballet, traditional Indonesian dance, playing tabla (Indian drums), and singing/acting.

8. my fave weekend activity: staying home with my husband with a good blu-ray movie and lots of snack.

9. i’m addicted to fabrics. SERIOUSLY.

10. i’m 100% Indonesian. well, okay, there’s a tiiiiiny bit of Chinese blood in me from my mom’s side, but when you see me with my somewhat wide-eyes and permanently-tanned skin, i doubt you can see any traces of Chinese in me. 😀 that’s why it’s always a wonder for me to hear people here (Finns or tourists, at work) asking me, “are you Chinese?” huh???

11. i love food. all kinds of food, anything at all (except maybe some Greek food that have a bit too much olive oil or dried tomatoes… and other extremely weird food, LOL). which is why it’s a good thing that i work in a fabric store, since i get to move around all the time and lift those fabric rolls and burn my calories at the same time!


Questions from Confessions from a Cavewoman:

1. Describe yourself in one word. dramatic.

2. Where lies your passion? fashion.

3. Sweet or savoury? savoury, it lasts longer.

4.What’s your pet peeve? i have so many!! incorrect use of language/words/spelling in my own mother language, people who are late & keep me waiting with no news at all, inconsiderate habits like spitting in public & coughing/sneezing without covering the nose/mouth… right, i’d better stop now. :p

5. Who inspires you? no one specifically, but people. all kinds of people, anyone can inspire me. even you. 🙂

6. Music which gets you movin’? hmm… 80’s electronic music (The Cure, Joy Division, New Order, Depeche Mode), and also Indian & Middle Eastern music (Azam Ali is my current fave!).

7. What scares you the most about the world? uh..nothing about the world, i think, but the thing that scares me the most about life is the uncertainties.

8. One thing you can’t leave the house without? my house key, hehe.

9. Are you an optimist or pessimist? most of the time, pessimist. but after something’s happened, for example, i always try to find the good thing about it. behind every cloud, there is a silverain-lining. 😉

10. Leader or follower? not a follower, but i don’t lead anyone either. i’m a lone ranger, LOL.

11. Any secret talent? forming a bird’s beak with my upper lip. 😀


My questions for you:

1. Describe yourself using one title of a song that you actually like (and state the singer/band as well).

2. When’s the last time you were out to have fun, and what did you do?

3. What book do you currently read, or the last one you’ve read?

4. Tell me one clothing item you have that you absolutely can’t live without! (and don’t answer with ‘underwear’!)

5. What’s your fave part of your own house, and why?

6. What would you most likely do if  you ever get stranded alone in a remote island?

7. Your current crave?

8. What’s your fave snack of all times?

9. I’m insomniac, so I’d love to know: what’s your best tip to fall asleep, pronto?

10. Is the grass always greener in somebody else’s lane?

11. Name one physical thing you’ve been keeping for a long time that has a special place in your heart (and always will).


phew! now on to the people i want to tag… i mean, the nominees! 😉 i don’t have that many friends/acquaintances who write in blogs, so i think it’ll be less than 11… but anyway, should you decide not to accept the award (=not passing along the award or filling up these questions, etc.), it’s perfectly fine! if i name you, other than for the obvious reason that i think your blog deserves it, it would also mean that i’d like to get to know you better. so here goes!


My nominees:



RatihSetiowati’s Blog


Erica Preo

Underachievers, Please Try Harder

p r e t t y . g i n g h a m

Daphne Propst

7 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award

  1. Hi,
    Such a good job. It was nice and interesting reading the things about you and the answers to the questions from ‘Cavewomean’.You definitely deserve the award. Congrats 🙂
    Thank you for including me to your list of nominees. I have to think about this. We’ll see 😉

    • thanks, and i also think (without the tagging/questions to answer) you deserve the award. 😉 it would be nice to know more about you, but take your time, and it’s really okay too if you decide not to do it, hehe.

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