song of the moment

another song from yet another Indonesian band. 🙂 the name of the band is Mocca, and the song is called I Remember. (note: this specific video clip is NOT their official music video, you can read more about this on the video’s page).

when this band was on their glorious days, i actually didn’t really listen to their songs. but we did design some costumes for the singer for their concerts (back in those days when i had a boutique with 2 of my friends, called AmeNoMachi).

i remember (pun intended) getting so excited when they told us they’re going to have a concert in Japan and that the singer would be wearing our dress for that concert there. 😀

i wonder what happened to this band now. as to my boutique, well, as you can see, i’m no longer there. we had to close it down when i moved here, unfortunately.

now whenever i hear a song, any song, from this particular band, i always get reminded of our AmeNoMachi days. the rush of having to come up with a new design that’s exactly perfect for the customer & for the event she/he’s going to… the fabric shopping (and the frustration it brought if we couldn’t find the perfect fabric)… the fitting, where we would usually hold our breaths as we hoped it fitted the customer so there’d be no more delays… the last minute shopping when we found out that some material wasn’t enough… and finally, the story we heard from our satisfied customer after the D-day.

it was stressful, yet we were quite happy doing it back then. i probably won’t be able to do it all over again if i have to, i’m not that young anymore, LOL. but sometimes, i do miss those days.

today is one of those days.

PS. i do not own the video/music, just wanted to put it here for personal use, and share it with the rest of you.


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