being grateful

some days ago, i wore this dress i sew myself for the first time out of the house. i wore it to work, of course, where else would i go? (i have no life.)

it was a gloomy & rainy day, so i thought wearing it would add a bit of joy to my day.

just before i went home from work, my last customer was an elderly woman. she was so friendly and we talked as i cut the fabrics for her. at one point, she suddenly said to me, “that dress you’re wearing is just beautiful, it’s like a work of art!”. i said my thank you to her, and at the same time tried to remind her that the fabric was actually from our store, in case she wanted some for herself. but she then said, “well, i can’t wear colours like those, but for you they’re so perfect!”

it put a smile on my face, and i went off from work afterwards feeling cheered even in the midst of a grey day. as i sat down on the train that took me home, i took off my lime green coat (it was hot in the train) and started opening the word programme on my mobile phone. i tend to write these days in every possible free time, even if it’s just a few lines. on the way to my destination,ย from the corner of my eyes i could see some woman sitting next to me. i continued to write until it was almost time for the train to arrive at my destination.

as soon as i put my mobile phone away, the woman who’d been sitting next to me suddenly asked, “is this already the X station?” (X = my destination, too.) so i said, “yes, it is.” it turned out that she had been waiting for a chance ย to tell me that she thought my dress was gorgeous, but didn’t get to do it earlier since i was too busy with my mobile phone. i was caught by surprise, since it’s so rare that a stranger (= not a customer at my work place) would come up to anyone just to say what a nice dress/top/coat/whatever you have. so those of you who say/think that Finns keep to themselves, now you know that that’s not so true! ๐Ÿ˜‰

she was also an elderly woman, though maybe a bit more trendy-looking than my last customer that day. anyway, as we both got up to go to the train’s exit door, she continued on to tell me how my dress worked so well with the lime green coat i had on my hands, too. all i could say back to her was my gratefulness and that i only put the colours on to cheer myself up for the grey day. she said that it was a good decision for me to make, and not long after that, we had to part since the train had arrived at our place.

having heard not just once but twice of the same kind of compliment in one day really made my day brighter and, well, colourful. so i realized how simple things like giving compliments to other people’s clothes or hair can really put a difference to his/her day. it only takes less than a minute of our lives to change someone’s day, which is kind of remarkable if ย you think of it. i have done this a few times in my life, especially at work when i see customers wearing cute looking tops/dresses/shoes. i’ve never done it to a complete stranger, though, but maybe one day, when i’m an elderly woman myself, i will.

another thing i realized is how a compliment to something i made myself makes me feel even more proud than, for example, if someone compliments my LV bag, or Prada shoes, or whatever else (not that i even own any designer’s stuffs). that dress that gained me 2 compliments only costed me 7 euros, but those compliments made me feel like it’s something priceless. if someone compliments my expensive possession, to me it would just feel like they’re complimenting how wealthy i am, which is really nothing to be proud of. but when it’s something you do, it feels as if you’ve done something good enough for other people to also appreciate it, and in this case, for other people to even feel the need to tell you that they think it’s good, even if they don’t know you.

so this post is dedicated for those 2 women who made my day. thank you, and i hope one day, somehow, your kindness is paid back to you.


8 thoughts on “being grateful

  1. Such a nice story. I often want to compliment a stranger, but usually stop and think maybe they don’t want to be bothered. But I know it always puts a smile on their face, so I’ll start taking the chance more often to brighten someone’s day. And the truth is, it brightens your day as well.

    • yes, exactly, it’s the same kind of happy feeling you get after you give some gift to someone that makes him/her happy ๐Ÿ™‚ in the end you’ll also be affected in just the same positive way.

      oh, i know what you mean when you stop & think maybe they don’t want to be bothered. i guess it depends on the situation at the moment and if the person looks “calm” enough to be “bothered” ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Wow…. but it is really a striking dress. I hope I can also brighten anyone’s day by taking the time to give them a compliment ๐Ÿ™‚

    • makasih, Anne! agak tumben aja ngalamin hal ini, 2 kali di hari yg sama pula. biasanya org Suomi jarang ngajak ngomong org lain yg ga dikenal di kereta/manapun, kecuali ya ke penjual di toko kain sperti diriku ini ๐Ÿ˜€ hihih.. nice to know they’re not all like that!

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