where’s the pause button?

okay, first of all, i’m OVERWHELMED by the comments and likes i got on my last post.

i’ve never gotten that much comment or attention on anything, EVER, in my whole life. not on my birthdays, not on the day i graduated from college, not even on the day i got married.

and all of a sudden, little Romppu created a bang. to all of you who dropped by to read my farewell for him, i thank you from the deepest of my heart. i’ve sent all your sweet comments to the owner of Romppu, so they too can see how Romppu touched your lives, even when you didn’t know him personally.

now i’m gonna try writing back a reply to you who wrote a comment there. it might take a while, and i might not write more than a simple “thank  you”, but please know that each and every comment from you meant a lot to us all.


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