i dream of Bali

this was supposed to be in a gallery format, but since i’m new around here, i can’t even figure out how it works, dam*it. whatever.

on to the blog entry now.

it was one of those fabrics i found that just screamed “BUUUUYYYY MEEEEE!!!” when i saw it, so i gave in and bought it. it’s crepe viscose, which is kind of heavy, and since the colours are all screaming for attention as well, i decided that a simple tunic/dress would do. i used the same pattern as the one i used for the syrupy knit top, which is pattern no. 102 from Burda Style magazine, May 2012 edition (Finnish version).

it’s a very easy pattern, and it took me less than a day to finish sewing it (and, mind you, i’m usually pretty slow in sewing). as soon as it was done, the only thing that came to mind as i saw it was: Bali. the colours reminded me of the vibrant colours of the people & sceneries, and the loose-fitting shape of it reminded me of the breeze of the sea wind there, and suddenly i longed to be in Bali. so here’s my i-dream-of-Bali dress.

self-made dress, yellow bead necklace from India, other necklaces from Bali, Indiska white bracelet, Up shoes.

i’m not sure what to think about this dress. on one side, i like how it looks. i did everything just as it was said on the instructions, and after finishing the last stitch, i tried it on, and found out that the pockets are waaaay down below. if i wear the dress just like this, without any belt, i practically can’t use the pockets at all. so i wonder if it’s a mistake in the pattern or if the pattern is supposed to be for someone who’s much more tall than me.

nonetheless, it’s a simple dress, and since it’s made of viscose, i can wear it in any season i want (yes, even in winter. why can’t one use screaming colours like these in the depressing & gloomy winter, i wonder?).

it’s suitable for work too, since i again made the neckline to be 7 cm higher than in the original pattern. and as i said earlier, for me to be able to use the pockets, i’d have to put on a belt.

belt from Bali, and both ceramic bowl & mug used in my pictures are from Iittala.

before i continue, let me take this opportunity to apologize for the massive pictures. again, since i just moved here to this blog, i still don’t know where i’m gonna post my sewing pictures. back in the Multiply days, my “blog” was more than just a blog, there’s a section only for photo albums too there. now in this new home of mine, i’m forced to find an external photo album site, and i still haven’t made up my mind where i’m gonna have it (Facebook is out of the question). so before i decide that, i’m just gonna post them here. :p

another thing i couldn’t decide was which way to put the swirling pattern of the fabric on the dress… so i finally put them on different ways for the front and back part. all the seam allowances are finished off with zigzag scissors that i finally found in Ikea store after 5 years of hunting for it.

other than the weirdly-located pockets, this dress is all i hoped & longed for when i decided to buy the fabric. so, yay for the small piece of Bali in my wardrobe!

4 thoughts on “i dream of Bali

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  2. Hi,
    One more compliment from yet an other old lady. The dress is very beautiful. I like the picture the number four from the top. Looks so good with the belt.
    I hope to see more of your self made dresses.

    • oh, thank you 🙂 and more self-made clothes will certainly come later, i just haven’t had the time lately to sew, sigh….. *looks at my high pile of fabrics in the cupboard, all waiting to be sewn…*

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