where did it go???

eeek! i’m already on my last week of summer holiday!! where did all the time go?!?

answer #1: biking
answer #2: shopping for stuffs for our home
answer #3: sewing
answer #4: all of the above
…… right.
well, next week i have to get my a*s back to work, but there are still some days left now in the summer holiday, and i’d better enjoy them while they last!
so far, i’ve managed to bike all the way to Helsinki center and back (safe & sound, i might add!), and also to Antti’s mum’s house and back. we ate out a few times (oh okay, more than just a few times), and got some movies on blu-rays. i’ve repaired some old clothes (mine & his), so yeah, i haven’t been totally unproductive.
and there are even 2 new additions to my ever-growing wardrobe.
AmeNoMachi top, Esmara camisole (worn under top), self-made skirt, Up shoes.
what was supposed to be a super easy sewing project turned out to be a cursed one . it took me so long to finish this skirt, that in the end i couldn’t care less how tidy/neat i sew it, as long as it’s wearable & looks okay-ish. and even then, if you look closely, the side seams are all too tight in the wrong places. meh, whatever.
the fabric’s pleated polyester chiffon, and the lining is pre-washed viscose jersey. i used no pattern at all, and added a rubberband on the top. sounds simple, right? believe me, it wasn’t that simple when i sew it.
for the hemline, i knew that sewing it would just ruin the pleats. i thought about leaving it just as it was, but then it was too untidy. since it’s polyester, it means i can burn it & it’ll melt. doing it with candle was too hard & there’s the risk that it’ll burn the whole skirt, so in the end i did it with electric solder. it worked like a charm .
the other addition was inspired by this piece from H&M:
how could i not want something like this in my wardrobe? this beauty is made of (i think) jersey for the front part and chiffon for the back part. my version is made of viscose jersey… and a very eye-catching one at that!
self-made tunic, Zara Girls mini skirt, Up shoes, silver headband from Kangadzungel.
i wanted to be able to wear this tunic to work, so that’s why i made it with a wee bit of sleeves instead of a tank top like the original one. and i also didn’t want it to sweep the ground as i walk in the city or at work, hence the shorter hemline on the back part.
this was my first time sewing a flowy tricot/jersey material such as this, & making a neckline band using this material made me so nervous. thankfully there’s a thing called iron . after ironing the band, and saying a little prayer, sewing it onto the neckline wasn’t as terrible as i thought. it’s not the tidiest sewing i’ve ever done, but hey… who’d notice it, thanks to the eye-catching pattern, right??
i didn’t use any pattern for this one either, just copied the neckline & sleeves from my own t-shirt, and made the front part to be as wide as a semi-circle. the back part is just straight lines.
more pics can be seen here.
now if you’ll excuse me, i’m gonna try to savour these last few days of freedom (without crying as they’re about to end).
DISCLAIMER: the picture of the H&M tunic does not belong to me. i only borrowed it from their website for my own personal use.

6 thoughts on “where did it go???

    • maksudnya bahan kaos kah? klo bahan kaos ternyata cukup gampang, yg penting pertama2 sebelum dijait ke bajunya, setrika dulu potongan kain yg buat neckline-nya itu. karna dia kaos, jadi gampang ditarik untuk bisa membentuk kurva sesuai neckline.

      untuk bahan lain yg ga stretch, belakangan ini supaya lebih rapih aku juga jait pake pita bias (bisa beli jadi, bisa juga bikin dari kain yg sama untuk bajunya, caranya: potong kainnya 45 derajat miring dari bagian tepi kain, sekitar 3-4 cm x 60-70cm biasanya cukup). kain apapun klo dipotong secara bias jadi bisa sedikit stretch. setelah punya pita bias ini, prosesnya sama lagi..lipet jadi dua hingga kira2 lebarnya jadi 1,5-2cm, setrika, trus setrika juga tepi2nya hingga kira2 lebarnya jadi tinggal 1-1,5cm. trus jait deh tepi2nya ke bagian neckline bajunya 🙂 tadaaaah! selesai dgn rapih!

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