sigh… well, one can dream, right?

there’s nothing coming on the calendar in particular, i mean, not like there’s any milestone birthday or whatever, but my birthday IS coming (it’s always coming, when you think of it. even if it has just passed you, there’s still the one next year to look forward to!), even if it doesn’t mean anything in this matter.

COS is a lovely, lovely brand from H&M Group (Swedish). the prices are slightly more than H&M (and more than, say, Topshop), that even though the products are mass produced, they’re not as widely consumed as other fast fashion brands’ products. they just opened their first store here in Finland about a month ago, which is really bad for my health!

before they opened the store here, i only visit their webstore and dream of them lovely clothes (even though you can actually order the clothes too online). now that they’re actually here, and i can get thisclose to touching them, feeling the materials and seeing the cuts, and yes, trying them on (!!!), things are really going to go for the worse. because I WANT THEM!! i want the whole store! lalalala…
Desigual is another store that just opened here in Finland. it’s a Spanish brand, but found by a Swiss man. they’re notorious for their patchwork designs, and as you can see from the pictures up there, they nonchalantly combine all kinds of prints and patterns that will surely make you notice the wearer!
that was the reason why i went to their store yesterday. the colours were beckoning me to come inside, but if i may be honest, i don’t really see anything that special in the cuts or shapes of the clothes themselves. kind of like what i feel towards Marimekko clothes. i ADORE the patterns, but the shapes of the clothes just aren’t that inviting to me.
but what freaked me out in Desigual store yesterday was that they have a whole collection inspired by Cirque du Soleil (!!!!!!!!!!!!!). i nearly lost my breath when i saw the items with my own eyes. luckily for me, they are just so incredibly expensive (for my wallet… maybe not to others) that i don’t even have to worry that i will find the urge to use my credit card to buy any of them. just for a comparison, you can buy a new Nokia Lumia phone for what you pay for the coat that i put the picture of up there. so, yeah. just put it on my wishlist and don’t even dream about it!
i’m sure the Up brand is no longer a stranger for fellow Indonesians. they’re on the wishlist because even though they’re affordable, it’s hard for me to get them shipped here. the shipping price will cost double the shoes themselves, hence i haven’t ordered a single pair after my first buy there. i actually love the shoes i got from it, they’re the most comfy high heeled shoes i’ve ever had, seriously!
when i saw that there’s a pair of wedges with galaxy print, i practically bawled in front of my monitor. why, why, WHYYYYYYYYYYY does it have to be so far away & expensive to get them shipped here??? and all those batik wedges… *dreamy sigh* yes, that’s it… dream on!
if you can choose irregularity, then why be regular? Irregular Choice is another brand i’ve been eyeing for years now, mostly for their shoes. their designs are always kooky and out there. when you see some random objects in your everyday life, it won’t even cross your mind that someone would actually put them on a shoe. or put all of them in one shoe design. but Irregular Choice does it. and by God, i WANT THOSE SHOES!!!
*blows nose & wipes tears*
well, enough daydreaming for now. i really should be more thankful of what i already have. like these.
none of my tights or leggings last longer than 2 years, they always start to break down no matter how good of a quality they are. so today was the time to get new ones. after i took them down from the racks, i just realized that they all belong in the same colour family tree.

the far left ones are thick tights for winter in pale pinkish gray colour. the middle ones are tights in broken pink colour (kind of like the colour of Finnish berry porridge or marjapuuro, i believe) for spring or autumn. the far right ones are leggings in bright pink colour for summer. all are from H&M, 5€ or less for each pair, which is closer to my budget than those things i put on the wishlist .

now it’s time for me to either forget the wishlist or pray really hard that i’ll somehow get them! (or just one of them is okay too. please, God?)

DISCLAIMER: pictures on the wishlist are taken from the brands’ websites. i do not own them, i just borrow them for my own personal use.

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