this week’s happiness (+ one tiny rant!)

hi again, everyone! it’s been so warm for the past few weeks, and look! this is already my third entry for this month only . guess i’ve been quite productive, heheh.

i ordered some movies for myself and hubby a while back, and after a long wait (surprisingly disappointing delivery service from, the package finally arrived. among those movies was this :
it’s Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (from the year 1927) Blu-ray, a special edition that includes 52-page booklet . ahh…so happy! i’ve only watched the movie once, but fell in love with it right away. now, years after that first time of watching it, i finally have my own copy! *dances around the room*
another happiness happened when we were doing grocery shopping last Thursday, and right on the cashier’s rack, i saw a new magazine on display:
woot! it’s the Finnish version of Burda Style magazine! and since it’s a new magazine (this one’s the first edition in Finnish language) it still has an introduction price which is half the normal price . so of course i bought it. getting this magazine is a lot cheaper than buying one pattern in (which is exactly the same pattern that is also included in the mag…and the mag of course has tens of patterns, not just one).
that red dress on the right pic should be my next sewing project, but we’ll see what happens (sometimes i may get distracted…).
today was like around 30C under the sun, so to enjoy the warm sunlight, me & hubby decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood… and i wore this top that i just finished sewing yesterday:
self-made top with cowl detail, H&M singlet (worn under top) and tights, Zara Girls mini skirt, Up shoes, Marimekko lunchbox, Swatch watch.

i bought the fabric around 2 years ago, because it reminded me so much of Tsumori Chisato’s work for some reason. it’s a printed sheer polyester chiffon, and i combined it with tulle.

for the pattern, i used the Stylish Dress Book Vol. 2, U pattern:

i didn’t make the sleeves nor the drawstring on the waist. for the back shoulder part, i modified it so that it would be made half from the tulle fabric, and added 3 layers of scalloped edge tulle.

(yeah, yeah, i know, our camera is crap. well, better than nothing!)

after the walk, i made lunch which consisted of rice, chicken legs, and: SAMBAL TEMPE!! yes, we finally bought tempe again now after… um, ye
ars? all we can say is, bless that person who invented tempe, whoever he/she was!

and now for the tiny rant. *takes a deep breath*

it’s about the usage of Bahasa Indonesia among Indonesian people these days. but first, i know what you’re thinking, i’m aware that i’m about to rant about a language that i’m not even writing in, but i have my reasons.

when i just moved to Finland, and learned Finnish language, i tried to write in Indonesian here in MP, so i won’t forget my mother language. after a while, i realized that i won’t ever forget it, and i also realized that the readers of my blog are no longer only Indonesians, so in order to make it more globally understood, i’ve been using English instead.

now, maybe not many of you know that when i was in Indonesia (and even now, still) i am what Finnish people call pilkunnussija (comma fu*ker) for grammar. a grammar nazi. a nitpicker for any kind of grammar mistakes, whether it be made deliberately or not, for Indonesian language (since it’s my mother language, afterall).

so when i see this article, my hands and brain got itchy:

Dalam trailer terbatas video Animasi 3 Dimensi “The Chronicles of JAVA” (CoJ) tersebut, menurut sumber KepadaMu.COM memperlihatkan kualitas Animasi yang luar biasa. Sehingga sutradara film box office The Lord of The Ring, Peter Jackson menyatakan lulus dan layak untuk di pasarkan di Hollywood.

Selain bekerjasama dengan Tristan Strange, Amikom juga melibatkan 2 Sriptwriter kenamaan dari Hollywood yaitu, Robert Pawloski dan Triss Forrest Brown, Selain itu, beberapa artist Hollywood juga akan berperan sebagai pengisi suara pada Film tersebut.

“Film animasi berjudul Ajisaka (Babad Tanah Jawa) berdurasi 2 jam tersebut sekarang sedang dalam proses versi Bahasa Inggris”, tutur Berlilana. Berlilana juga mengatakan, prestasi internasional seperti itu tentu membanggakan seluruh warga kampus Stimik Amikom Purwokerto, warga Banyumas, Jateng, bahkan Indonesia.

“Itu nantinya akan menjadi film yang bisa ditonton oleh kita semua sebagai film hiburan berlatar belakang sejarah tanah Jawa. Dibawah arahan sutrada film The Lord of The Ring tersebut kami optimis karya tersebut menjadi lebih bermutu” paparnya.

not gonna discuss about what the article actually said, but considering that this is supposed to be a “news” website, it really broke my heart.

other than this website, nearly every day i see people in FB who write “dimana” instead of “di mana” and “di larang” instead of “dilarang”, and i mean, seriously? how did they graduate from elementary school, i wonder???

and then there are lots of them, who write, like this, with never-ending commas, and the sentence, continues to eternity, and beyond, and who knows, maybe even to the other side of the universe, all the way back again to the beginning, and to prove my point, now this sentence have really lost its meaning completely. (although, this probably doesn’t only happen in Indonesian language.)

people (and i mean, Indonesian people), does it ever occur to you that one day it’s possible that the true Indonesian language disappears because no one cares to learn how to write it right? this really makes me sad.

back to the article. i see so many grammar mistakes in each paragraph, it actually took me 10 minutes to read the short article (i didn’t put the whole article up there, btw. the original one was just a bit longer). i had to bite my tongue to stop myself from swearing and it really amazed me that a journalist, who supposedly had gone through elementary school, middle school, high school, and even university, could actually publish an article written in such grammar.

once again, by this rant, i’m not claiming that i’m a perfect writer in Indonesian language. but i do know how to write in Ejaan Yang Disempurnakan (see guys, it’s not “Di Sempurnakan”, now, is it??????? otherwise it would be EYDS instead of EYD. think about it!), and carefully build a sentence so that there would be a clear subject, predicate, object and actually have a meaning that can be easily understood by other people. i mean, come on, if we, the Indonesians, are not the ones who are going to do it, then who will??

*deep sigh* okay, i’m done ranting now . back to enjoying the sun & let’s not forget those piles of clothes that need to be ironed, shall we? have a great week ahead, everyone!


9 thoughts on “this week’s happiness (+ one tiny rant!)

  1. kleinebeer said: kalau plural jadi gimana?

    kolme (3) pilkunnussijaa 😀 (it’s a very rude word btw, jadi jangan gunakan sembarangan –> ini pesan sponsor alias suami. hihihi!)

  2. jazzm1nt said: Saya jadi malu =p (as I’m one of the offender perhaps?)

    you’re not on my list, at least 😀 should’ve said “people in FB” actually, none of my close friends are like that, thankfully 🙂 (changing it now!)anyway, bisa kok gue bikinin, tapi itu kain udh ga ada yg persis sama, gpp? mau warna apa? kain2 di toko tempat kerja gue slalu berubah, apalagi di departemen kain kiloan (where i got my fabric), jadi klo ada motif/warna khusus yg lo pengen untung2an dapetnya, huhu..

  3. hahaha, today I read this again, and then it came to me that maybe I’m also to “blame” for this “patrol habit”, meaning it’s not only in the blood but I played those spelling games with you two when you were kids….LOL

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