May 2012, so far

tiring month, but that’s okay. it means time goes faster, and soon it’ll be my summer holiday .

last weekend, right before Mother’s day, we went to help Antti’s grandparents move in to a new place. we were free to choose all kinds of things to take for ourselves, so i took these lovely old books for summer reading:
the Love of Life is a 1912 edition, the Odd Craft is from year 1916, the ones from Modern Library are from 1925, and the rest is from the 50s and 60s. out of all these, i’ve only read the Wuthering Heights (other than some of Hans C. Andersen’s tales, of course), and though it wasn’t particularly my fave, but it’s nice to have a classic on your bookshelf .
we spent Mother’s day at Linnanmäki, Helsinki’s equivalent of Dufan.
we arrived there a bit later than the rest of the family members, and soon it was time for us to eat. so we only managed to take 2 rides this time, the old wooden rollercoaster, and the ferris wheel (from which these pics were taken).
we ate at the Coccola restaurant. they had special set menus for the Mother’s day, and these were what mine had:
the first was the appetizer, which was summer vegetables served on a thin pizza crust. the main dish was lightly smoked salmon served with potatoes, sweet potatoes, asparagus, beets, carrots and some sort of (delicious) cream. for dessert, we were free to take anything we wanted from the dessert table, so i took 2 kinds of chocolate cakes, panacotta and mango cheesecake. they were all so incredibly yummy!
yesterday it was finally warm enough for me to go out only wearing thin jacket, short sleeved t-shirt, shorts, and thin leggings it felt warm enough for me to get inspired… to buy a swimming suit!
i can’t swim for the life of me, but at least i’ll be ready to play in the sand or swimming pool with this cute number from H&M, heheh..
lastly, we also went to see The Raid: Redemption movie last night. while it may be too bloody for some (not for me though… hello, haven’t you seen The Saw movies??? or Quentin Tarantino’s??), i have to say that it was one hell of a movie. the boys (= my husband & his brother) praised it, even though it wasn’t their kind of movie genre. the choreography and how the shots were taken & edited were the best points, and also the music score (FYI, we saw the Mike Shinoda version). they even said that the movie’s much better than Hollywood ones of the same genre, which was a great surprise to us all since we didn’t even expect it to be that good. even the story, which everyone kept saying was too simple, was actually good for this kind of movie. it was simple, but the message was clear, and as my brother-in-law pointed out, it’s good that there weren’t any character that was above everyone else and became the superhero who saved the day.
i was proud & delighted to hear my home country’s language on the screen, together with the Finnish subtitle! so, good for you, Indonesia! can’t wait to welcome other Indonesian movies to Finland .

10 thoughts on “May 2012, so far

  1. Yaaay! Iya kan, gue juga amazed sama koreo dan editingnya.. Glad you all liked it! *kayak gue aja yang bikin hahaha*Gue hari Minggu depan ke Dufan nih, Freya perform di sana, setelah itu kita bisa main. It will be her first time there.. mudah2an dia excited about the rides. :)Baju renangnya lucu! Which reminds me.. kayanya mesti cari one-piece juga sebelum ke Bali. Hihihi..Have a great weekend! :*

  2. The Raid itu trilogy lowh! Itu si Evans udah mulai bikin2 yg nomer 2. Blom lagi karena saking suksesnya, si hollywood mau bikin2an kopian mangga dua yg berbahasa inggris samasekali! Typical deh!!! Kayak girl with dragon tattoo gitu, yg asli udah bagus, eh bikinan yg kopian mangga dua ala hollywood segala!Si Evans ternyata ada koneksi Indo yg lumayan juga, saya dapet bocoran dari Andy hari ini ;).

  3. kleinebeer said: Glad you all liked it!

    except for one 😀 ibunya Antti termasuk yg ga kuat liat darah2an, hihih..Freya perform apaaaa? ballet? senangnya..good luck & have fun ya!

  4. jazzm1nt said: The Raid itu trilogy lowh! Itu si Evans udah mulai bikin2 yg nomer 2. Blom lagi karena saking suksesnya, si hollywood mau bikin2an kopian mangga dua yg berbahasa inggris samasekali!

    hehe, gue baca kok link yg lo taro di FB 😉 don’t know how Hollywood would make it, yg bagus kan justru pencak silatnya…anyone in Hollywood who does pencak silat?? ada2 aja ya :p

  5. yuhuuu ….. XDitu roller coaster kayu koq seram sekali kedengerannya 😐 gue naik yg besi aja jiper XDThe Raid bagus ya, gue belum nonton. gak suka film berdarah2 *umpetin koleksi Tarantino*foto2 makanannya bikin ngiler, dan aku sudah makan malam :|~

  6. dewadaru said: Puniii… Itu salmonnya kayaknya lebih enak kalau dimasak ala Manado, hi hi hi…

    hehe, salmon enak diapain aja deh kyknya 😀 ga pake macem2 bumbu aja udh enak kan (=sushi!)

  7. siriuslyelmo said: gak suka film berdarah2 *umpetin koleksi Tarantino*

    gubragggg…. kamu munafik :))itu roller coaster kayu justru yg paling “benign” dibanding roller coaster lain yg ada di situ, trus di bagian paling belakang selalu ada jarrumies alias petugas yg jagain rem-nya si roller coaster 😀 lucu jarrumies itu posisinya berdiri pula for the whole ride, hehe..

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