bright sunny day

it’s no secret that i come from a place where the sun shines all year round as it rises and sets at almost the same time for the whole year. the temperature is always above 30 C, and even at its lowest, you can still get by with a flimsy cardigan and a pair of sneakers.

when i still lived there, i dreamt of winter. well, what do you expect? living under the same condition for 25 years made me long for something i didn’t have. i had enough of the heat that was beginning to be so unbearable, i couldn’t even go anywhere by foot/public transportation and expect my makeup to stay on my face. and unlike many other people in that city, i didn’t have the luxury of having my own car, or an air-conditioned house, or that much money that i could just hop on a taxi anytime i wanted, so yes, it mattered.
so when i moved here, and just in time for winter (November), i thought winter (that includes snow) was magical.
it still is. the snowdrops that are never the same, falling silently on your coat, the glittery road, the white trees and grounds that look like they’re covered in sugar coating… yes, i stand on my ground when i say that i love winter. snowy winter, that is.
but there are of course bad things that come with winter. for one, it could get pretty depressing with all the darkness around you. well, i guess this only comes if you’re experiencing winter in the most north or south part of the world. with darkness, comes laziness. hence i never can bring myself to sew anything in winter, except for a few Christmas gifts now and then.
another thing is of course the cold temperature. it’s no problem when you’re inside the house, especially if you’re lucky enough to be living in a place like Finland, where it’s mandatory that the houses be equipped with heaters & the glasses on the windows are at least 3 layers thick. but when you go out, again with public transportations, to and back from work, and walk to & from your local grocery store to do your shopping and have to carry all the shopping bags in the cold… well, then you may not like it so much after all.
then you long for summer. i do, at least. sometimes the winter feels so long, i can’t even remember how the warmth of the sun feels on my skin. when that time comes, i try to remember what it was like back in my home city, and sometimes even wish i was there at least for a day. you see, it’s easy to take things that you have for granted, because the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.
now, it’s no surprise that i cherish the moment when the warm sun comes out. i go out to take a walk, just me and my husband, around the neighbourhood, or sometimes a bit further with his bike to Helsinki. and everywhere, i see people doing the same thing. even when the winter wind is still blowing, and places under the shadows are still chilly, but when there’s a bit of warm spring sun peeking through the clouds, people will flock the outdoor seats at cafes and restaurants… whereas people in my home city (including me, back then) would all go hide from the sun inside malls and other air-conditioned indoor facilities.
as i wrote on my previous entry, when spring comes, it’s time for my sewing machine to go out of hiding and see the glorious sunlight. i wasn’t kidding when i wrote that, because it simply is true that i feel more energized to sew when there is actually sunlight out there. so for cherishing the starting moment of spring 2012, i decided that a bright coloured sewing project would be perfect.
neon colours are so in right now, aren’t they? i think it’s rad! i may not have the guts to wear them myself, but i like this stabillo-green colour, so when they reduced the price at my work place, i knew i had to get this fabric (that fact that it’s Giorgio Armani fabric is an added bonus point!).
it’s kind of a heavy material, so i didn’t want to make a top out of it. i already have too much shorts, so i thought a skirt would be perfect. and then i went on to search what kind of skirt model is suitable for the fabric, and finally, my choice was this:

a peplum skirt! (picture taken from Topshop.)
here’s my version, which i’m sure you can very well distinguish from the picture above, since it’s not as perfect as the Topshop one. but that’s okay for me, i love it and that’s all that matters!
top from ITC Kuningan, self-made peplum skirt, Up shoes, earrings from ITC Permata Hijau, glasses from Nissen, Next watch.
and as if the stabillo colour wasn’t spring enough, i decided to throw in a neon pink zipper as closure at the back.
now if you’ll excuse me, i’m gonna go enjoy my glass of coke and bowl of potato chips to celebrate Vappu (labour’s day a.k.a. May Day). let’s cherish the bright sunny days, friends!

14 thoughts on “bright sunny day

  1. padmageeta said: Nice, i like it 🙂 (And yes, the grass always looks greener in other people’s places, hahaha)

    thanks :Dklo kata Sebastian di Little Mermaid: the seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake (Under The Sea song) 😀 hihih..

  2. aranolein said: Warnai Finland, Puni. Sepertinya Finland perlu banyak orang yang ceria, penuh warna dan hangat seperti Puni 🙂

    terima kasih ya Anne, you always give an uplifting comment! :)hehehe, banyak sih org ceria dan penuh warna (dan hangat) di sini..cuma mereka masih biasa pake baju2 item, putih, dan beige (loh, ini kenapa jadi baju konteksnya??) 😀 untung skarang lagi trend warna neon di sini…semoga mereka jadi terwarnai 😉

  3. kleinebeer said: …dan sepertinya komen gue selain “kereeen” selalu “bikinin gue dooong”. :))

    i’ll gladly make clothes for you klo bisa semudah itu dicoba/dipasin di badan lo :p makanya pindah ke siniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 😀

  4. jazzm1nt said: ah si punce ini sekarang pintar sekali bikin2an baju! :)sama kayak kakak lo nih reaksinya “bikinin doooong!”

    ayo, Elz, barter sama Moody Monday ya 😉

  5. siriuslyelmo said: kiyuuuuttt!! ^^[yes, i happened to check my Multiply today XD ]

    😀 kapan nulis di MP-mu sendiri? jangan cuma nulis novel doang dong ah, hihihi…

  6. saxsilverain said: 😀 kapan nulis di MP-mu sendiri? jangan cuma nulis novel doang dong ah, hihihi…

    dan balasannya pun muncul 15 hari kemudian ….hahaha .. udah lama ya gak nulis di blog XD

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