cats and tulle

spring is almost here (it was here a week ago, but now it’s back to winter again for another week. so they say ), the days are getting longer…and it’s once again the time for my sewing machine to see the wonderful daylight.

which translates to: i’ve been sewing again. made a pair of pyjama pants (not pictured, because…well, it’s a pair of pyjama pants! who’d be interested to see them??) out of a Paul Frank flannel fabric. they’re comfy & don’t you just love having monkeys sleeping with you?
the next project involved cats.
self-made cat blouse & shorts, old pink tights from Pasaraya (don’t remember the brand/store), Up shoes, Next watch.
ergh, the quality of the last pic makes my eyes hurt..please forgive the inconsistency.
anyway, i’ve been seeing lots of blouses lately on many stores’ displays, so i decided to make my own. and of course, “my own” would mean the fabric would be a printed one. this one seemed perfect, and i wanted it to be a falling/flowy one instead of a crisp & stiff one.
the pattern i used was Burda pattern no. 7936 (also available in Burdastyle), a fairly easy one..except for the fact that i chose to use polyester satin to work with it, so that’s why i swore a lot when i sew this . i modified the collar shape so it would be rounded instead. for the buttons, you probably can’t see it from these pics, but they’re actually 3 different types. my friends Elina & Tanja went to the flea market one day and got me a tube full of old buttons of all sizes & colours. i managed to find 7 that were somewhat alike, so those were what i used .
i had intended to make shorts from the same fabric, so when i use them together it would look like i’m wearing a playsuit. but of course i lost my lovely Burda pattern no. 7965, the one i used to make the Barbapapa shorts . so i traced one of my older shorts made using that pattern, which was a pain in the arse, but i managed to do it anyway (again with lots of swearing). the result wasn’t too bad, i hope.
so what would happen if the cats are put under a tulle skirt? this is what:
all items used are the same as in the previous picture, plus self-made pleated tulle skirt, and shoes from ASOS.
zara dress, silver headband from Kangadzungel, and the rest is again the same as the previous picture.
this skirt wasn’t even my idea. i stole the idea from Only I, their product from 2 years ago . i happen to LOVE tulle, and when i found this pleated black tulle at work, i just knew i HAD to get it. i combined it with a normal black tulle from Mayestik that my mum got me years ago, and checkered black & white rubberband from Kangadzungel. this was of course done without any pattern at all. (in case you’re wondering, i still swore when i made this, because sewing tulle fabric onto a rubberband is not exactly a walk in the park.)
the idea is to wear something under or over this skirt, unless you want to show your buttocks to everyone. it was a darn good invention from Only I (so proud that they’re fellow Indonesians!), but since i missed their collection from 2 years ago, i had to make it myself.
this is how i kick start into my spring. really hope it’s coming soon here!!
and now, just for fun, click here to listen to a song that i’m currently loving (the video/file is not mine).

9 thoughts on “cats and tulle

  1. aranolein said: Puni..kau cantik! Ada aja ide kerennya!!

    oh, Anne, your comment made my day! 😀 terima kasih dibilang cantik, jadi merasa cantik seharian walopun mungkin sebenernya kumel & awut2an hari ini di tempat kerja, haha..

  2. riniherminastiti said: luv ’em all specially for d cat prints :3

    hihi, sudah kuduga, Rince..dirimu masih suka menjahit kah? gue di tempat kerja kadang suka sinting sndiri karna ngeliat macem2 kain lucu, hadukh..rasanya smua pengen gue beli & jait :p

  3. jait tangan aja pun, benda2 yg kecil kayak serbet (terinspirasi serbetnya puni kekekeh) ato bener2in baju yg brodol aja. Mesin jahitnya masih di rumah nyokap soale… mudah2an ntar bisa dibawa kesini, lumayan buat jait gordyn ato rok yg simpel. Kalo baju atas males bagian kerah dan lengannya terus daku juga masih miring2 dan njekitut pun njaitnya… ntar2 kali yah… (pembenaran akan kemalasan gue 😛 ) btw gue jadi kangen nih saat2 kita beli bahan di majestik pun… ada toko yg vintage banget tuh kan ya? kalo ga salah namanya esa mokan. emang bisa gila kalo liyat motif yg lucu2 terus diobral heghegheg ^^! … masalahnya kalo dah double gini yg dipikirin banyak. Sekarang buku juga gue cari scan-annya ato free ebook gitu pun, gimana soal beli bahan ? masih ngimpi nih sekarang…

  4. saxsilverain said: kadang suka sinting sndiri karna ngeliat macem2 kain lucu, hadukh..rasanya smua pengen gue beli & jait :p

    hihi..kebayang rasanya, pasti banyak kain lucu di sana..

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