multiple random updates..

i meant to write here, really, but i guess my laziness got the better of me for months. so now i’ll just cram everything that’s happened in the past 2.5 months in one entry. (see? lazy.)

here goes, chronologically.
* on the first week of December 2011, i finally participated in baking ginger bread cookies for the first time. participated, because i didn’t join the making process from the beginning. when we went to my mum-in-law’s, she already made the mixture. i participated in flattening them into thin layer, cutting them with cute-shaped cookie cutters, and the most fun part: decorating them .

here are the end results..taken at various times & various lightings/backgrounds, as you can see..
can you guess which were made by me, which were made by Antti, and which were made by my mum-in-law?

**for Christmas last year, i didn’t ask Santa (=husband) for much. what i did ask for may seem childish or useless to you, but who cares . you see, i only wanted one thing: the complete box set of Harry Potter movies. LOL, i know.
but anyway, i got it (in blu ray) from my lovely Santa, so there. it was well worth the wait, and i enjoyed all the movies & special features.
**some of you may or may not know how hard & harsh winters can be up here in the north. after the temperature drops below 0, you can say goodbye to your high heels, especially if you live in an area with hills and valleys & mostly use public transportation to and from work. i’ve had enough experience in slipping on the icy road and bump my knees/butt to tell you this.
so naturally, i would need boots that are sturdy, warm enough for hard winter (max. -20c so far), with no heels, and non-slippery soles. ever since i walked into the dog poo and broke my first boots here, i have went through 4 boots, each lasting only 1 year or less. for each of them, i spent around 25 to 50€, which was probably why they didn’t last. they looked great though, and served the purpose, except for durability.
so for the past year, i went looking for the perfect boots. ordered one pair from Amazon, which looked promising, but unfortunately they were the wrong size, so i had them shipped back. i always looked in envy at the men’s shoe department, since they always have durable shoe selection, and the sad truth is, women want to follow fashion, and fashion changes quicker than a thunderstorm…the selection in women’s shoe department are always fashion forward, but the quality is meant to last only 1 season, so you’ll have a reason to buy a new, trendier pair next season.
well, i was tired of looking, and i never follow fashion trend anyway. from the internet, again, i finally thought i found my match. it’s a local webstore that sells branded shoes from all over the world, and since shipping & return shipping is for free, i took my chances and ordered a pair of boots from it. after about a week, they arrived and it was a moment of truth.
i tried them on, and walked out wearing them on new year’s eve. and then, i could finally breathe a sigh of relief. i’ve truly found my sole mate! these CAT steel toe boots are made for walking indeed .
worn on the pic: black shiny knit sweater and black tights from H&M, self-made viscose dress, white tulle skirt from Pasar Senen in Jakarta, CAT boots from, Forever 21 bird necklace from my sister, silver headband from kangadzungel in Tallinn.
**on new year’s eve, to try on my new boots, we did something different: we actually went out of the house. usually we would just be inside the house and admire the beautiful fireworks from our balcony. this time we went near to the sources of these…explosives…with me covering my ears almost the whole time and hiding behind Antti for fear of getting drops of fireworks on my head/eyes. it felt like going to the war.
the experience made me thankful for the fact that in Finland you are only allowed to light up fireworks on new year’s eve, from 6pm (i think) to the next day’s 6am (i think, again).
i had a mixed feeling about leaving 2011. i remember when we were leaving 2010, i was so sad and just knew that 2011 was going to be sad. i didn’t know why at that moment,
but i do now. now leaving the sad 2011 behind, i was mostly glad, but a part of me was still sad, because it feels like we’re leaving Victor behind. but what am i talking about…where he is right now, he’s way beyond all of us, so i shouldn’t feel sorry, right?
so about 2012. i feel it will be a bit brighter than 2011, for me/my family at least. there may not be a trip to Indonesia this year, and no other big plans or anything like that, but it just feels like the wheel is again turning upwards now. (and no, i didn’t even consult my tarot cards about this.)
**i finally got my permanent residence permit card .
**Antti got me this a few weeks ago as a surprise :
the only reason, other than the fact that he knows i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this movie so much, was because that box set was on a crazy sale in Amazon. good enough reason for me!
**i started writing again. a different story this time, LOL. the characters and half of the story had been on my mind since i was in middle school, only now did it start to become a whole that i actually thought of writing it. due to the setting & characters of this story, i write it in English, which then probably will make it harder for me to actually “publish”, so i don’t know what i’m going to do with it. but writing is a good therapy for me, so i will continue it anyway.
**to end this long random update, i’d like to introduce my new phone.
it’s a Nokia Lumia 800 . my first Windows Phone.
yes, i’m still a loyal user of Nokia, and have no interest to switching to iPhone, especially after this one. i fell in love with the design right away, and it’s just sooo easy to use. the plus thing: the camera is actually better than the camera i used to take these pictures!
just to set the record straight, the actual colour of the phone is magenta, not orange.
it came with a cute small & compact box (which i forgot to take a picture of, you’ll have to take my word for it), a protector case (which i already used in the picture), and headphones. when i turn it off, it gives a message “goodbye” on the screen. awwww….it’s so sweet, almost like having a small baby robot .
tomorrow Finland’s going to have a new president, yay! i’m still not allowed to vote, since i don’t have Finnish nationality yet, but at least on the previous round of election Antti voted for the one i chose (other than the fact that he also roots for him). don’t know which he will vote for tomorrow, but the truth is the 2 remaining candidates are both really good, i just know Finland’s going to go in a good direction under any one of them.
okay, that’s all for now! the next entry would probably be in another, oh, 2 months? don’t hold your breath .

8 thoughts on “multiple random updates..

  1. aranolein said: Keren sekali Nokia Lumia-nya..jadi pengen!

    katanya bakal diluncurkan di Indonesia tgl 17 Feb ini 🙂 recommended! aku “beli”-nya pake sistem subscription, jadi selama 2 taun per bulannya bayar 30an euro, gratis sms & telpon sekian banyak, unlimited internet use..klo beli lepasan soalnya muahallll HP-nya (430an euro). oh ya, lupa nulis, untuk Lumia 800 ini, kartu sim-nya jenis microSIM, jadi juga ganti kartu (nomer telponnya tetep sama). di sini gratis ganti kartunya klo memang beli HP yg mesti pake microSIM, disediain sama operator HP yg kita pake.

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