have a merry small Christmas!

during this time of the year, people in Finland celebrate “small” or pre-Christmas with their friends, families & co-workers. for my workplace, we were so busy last year that we skipped it…but this year we made time for it & managed to have a wonderful one.

it started as a silly thought, somebody suggested that instead of just going to a restaurant like every other year, why don’t we go on a trip to Tallinn with one of those cheap cruises. i told her that i’ve never been to Tallinn, ever. she said “well then, we’ll just HAVE to make this happen!”
and so, some months after that, it did. we got enough “sponsor” that we could even go on a cruise to Tallinn AND eat lunch together there.
on that Sunday morning, it was terribly cold here in Helsinki, and i had to be there in the harbour by 8 am. half-awake & half-zombie, i managed to go there on time, and half an hour after we boarded the ship, off we went to Tallinn!
luckily the sea was calm, and some of us had breakfast on the ship. i drank tea as i wanted to save as much money as possible to spend in Tallinn .
at around 10.30 am, we started closing in to Tallinn and finally we arrived! i was sooo excited!
we started walking in different groups..some of us wanted to go to shops, some wanted to go to museums…i sticked to those who wanted to go to (what else) a big fabric store & also the Old Town.
the route we went through took us around these common neighbourhood, where the houses have cute colours & shapes. pics can be seen on this photo album. after some time, we finally reached the big road, and not long afterwards we arrived on our first destination: kangadzungel store!
the layout of the store reminds me of some fabric store in Mayestik, and then as we went in to the back end of the store, there’s the area that sells all kinds of sewing/handcraft materials which reminds me a LOT of Toko Maju in Mayestik
the best part of it all is, those sewing materials cost around the same as in Toko Maju as well!!
so of course i spent all of the money i had left in my wallet there in that area, for all kinds of zippers & bias tapes, elastic bands & snap buttons…it was lovely!
afterwards, we went to Humana, which is equal to Finland’s UFF, the secondhand store that gives its profits to Unicef. surprisingly though, the clothes here cost more than those in UFF, so we ended up not getting anything at all (not that it mattered to me, since i didn’t even have money left!).
next, we walked to the Old Town, since it’s nearing lunch time & the restaurant where we were going to is also located there. in there, we went to this store (forgot the name, sorry!) that sells Indian & other “new age” stuffs . saw lots of tarot cards there, had to hold myself back not to buy any, but got some small stuffs from this “free Tibet” area there for souvenirs (and for the sake of Tibetans!), and also a small bag of Soursop green tea .
there was still time before lunch after the trip to that store, so i went around the Old Town a bit to take more pictures, and then finally we went to the restaurant called Must Lammas.
more about the food can be found on the photo album, but i just had to write here again that i highly recommend this restaurant for those who are planning to go to Tallinn. the prices of the food are much cheaper than in Finland, yet the taste is superb.
after lunch, in the wee time we still had before having to rush back to the ship, some of us went to see the traditional marketplace in the Old Town where old sweet ladies sell their hand-made knitted stuffs like socks, gloves, shawls, etc. argh, they were sooooo lovely, i almost wished i needed a pair of gloves (and had an extra wallet magically appear out of nowhere). then we also walked a bit to the flower booths, saw the cheap flowers (they’re like 6 times cheaper than in Finland), but since i’m not even a flower/plant person to begin with, it wasn’t hard for me to not buy anything from them.
we walked back to the ship after that, and while the ship made its way back to Helsinki, i went to scour the tax free shops with Elina. got some Estonian Kalev chocolat & sweets for home, and that was all .
would definitely love to go there again with the ship, but i’d wish to be able to stay in Tallinn overnight so i’d have more time to look around. and if i ever do go there again, preferably in the summer, i would NOT go on a Sunday, because most stores are closed in Tallinn on Sundays & it’s such a pain in the a*s to go back to Helsinki west harbour with 20918379208972130 other people and 1 bus that brings us back to the city.
enjoy the pics & have a merry small Christmas everyone!

5 thoughts on “have a merry small Christmas!

  1. kleinebeer said: Sayang gak ada foto toko “maju”-nya ya..

    walopun udh gue bales di YM, skalian deh gue tulis lagi di sini biar yg lain juga tau kenapa gue ga ambil foto toko Maju jadi2an itu…sebabnya adalah karena saya terlalu kalap ngeliat itu barang2 murah, akhirnya ada kali sejam milih2 retsleting dan pernak-pernik lainnya 😀

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