dim sum party, anyone?

i had a 3-day day off last weekend, so i thought i’d sew something..i THOUGHT i’d be able to sew that something within 2 days, and then i’d have the 3rd day just for relaxing..but then it took longer than i thought to finish sewing that something, as i wanted it to look good. i mean, not only wearable, but actually look like it costs a lot.

because this time i did a silk dress.
and not just a silk dress, but it’s a Laura Ashley printed silk dress .
when i first bought the fabric, i was thinking of doing a cheongsam-style dress. but over the months that i was looking for the perfect pattern for the dress, i changed my plan…and decided to make use of the Pattern Magic book i got last year.
so i came up with this:
to me now it looks more like a chinese tea party dress, or let’s say it’s a dim sum party dress, shall we? it has a silhouette of 1940s chinese dress, without the collars. and oh so much like Wong Kar Wai movies’ costumes, In The Mood For Love and 2046…
now if only someone would invite me to a party so i can wear this dress… (my problem is that i make cocktail party dresses too much and have nowhere to go to with them…*sigh*)
for bigger/somewhat better pics, click here!

9 thoughts on “dim sum party, anyone?

  1. terima kasih semuaaa :’) ihiks, jadi terharu! hehe..@Dini, andai dirimu tinggal di Finlandia, gue pasti udh dgn senang hati bikinin macem2 dress buat lo, ahahha…you will be my VIP customer! klo jauhan gini gimana caranya bikinin baju buatmuuuu, gimana mo fitting-nya, hadeuhhh..susah ya :p btw itu rambut abis potong sndiri (biasa…selama di Finland gue belom pernah sekalipun ke salon to get my hair/haircut done!), sebenernya sih kependekan tapi ya sudahlah..toh ntar tumbuh lagi 😀

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