it came and went..

first entry as a 30 y.o. yikes!

the celebration started from when we went to Indonesia. bought the tickets at the start of this year, the idea was to spend time with my family. it was a gift to myself . we went there in June, even though my birthday was in July. it was the best month to take a leave from work, and so it was settled.
the trip became double-purposed, since my brother in law passed away 2 weeks before our scheduled trip. it was a “happy birthday to me” and at the same time a hearty “see you later, big brother”.

when we ate out together to celebrate my birthday at Fish & Co., the song “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns ‘n Roses came blaring out from the speakers..that was Vic’s fave band. i guess Victor was really there with us .

after getting back to Finland, my spirits were still high. even if i had to go back to work already, knowing that there’s still something around the corner helped a lot.

something like…

..eating frozen yoghurt & just talking to a friend .
i was so ecstatic when Elina told me about Kippo, Finnish own frozen yoghurt place! i’ve missed Sour Sally ever since i came back from Indonesia, and now thanks to Elina, i know a place to eat frozen yoghurt here in Finland!

we even dressed up for it, even though you can’t really see it from the pic . after the yoghurt, we just walked around a bit and sat on the park, and talked…and talked..and laughed and talked some more. yes, it was fun & nice.
then my birthday came. and went.
the date which no one seem to remember . except my mom and sister (and of course, my husband).
i went to work as usual, and after work, me & my husband got a huge chunk of boneless salmon from the hypermarket, and also a pack of donuts. and that’s how we spent my actual birthday.
afterwards, came my second part of summer holiday. right after work on a Friday, we went to my husband’s grandparents’ summer place and stayed there for a few nights. we had the sauna (traditional wood & fire one), swam (or i dipped myself in the water, actually), went tandem biking, went on a small motor-boat trip (and i even managed to row almost all the way back to the summer place, heehee), cooked grilled salmon & steak. it was such a bliss!
and then, came this…

or should i say, came Dini! very nice & sweet of her to come by Finland. lucky for all of us, it was mostly sunny & warm when she was here, just perfect for us to go shopping…and shopping…and eating ice cream…and more shopping…and a bit of drinking *cough* cocktails *cough*.

it felt so good to have someone to talk to & show around (& go shopping with) who’s from the same background (=an Indonesian currently living in a strange new world, LOL). i may not feel like i miss it when there is no one here whom i can do those things with, but when i do have a friend for that, i really feel happy & it really makes me appreciate it . so thank you again, Dini, for visiting us!
i’ve also managed to sew 3 more new things: 2 dresses, and 1 top. very simple ones with just straight stitches on the sides and stuffs. i’ve fallen in love with viscose this summer, and those things i just made are all from viscose material. let’s see if i’ll ever post pics of them (not in the mood yet to do some photo shoots). at least on that last pic of me & Dini, i was wearing one of them, so there you go!
lastly, something cheesy (but still it made me oh-so-happy) regarding Looklet yet again .
there’s this website called Take A Looklet dedicated solely for Looklet and everything related to it (like the models of Looklet, etc.). ever since the actual Looklet website stopped their updates on articles & contests, this website has been making their own contests just for fun. the owner of the website is actually 1 single person, and it makes me smile cause it reminds me of the times when i had my kiss doll website .
anyway. about a month ago, the website announced that they’re making a contest called Project Looklet (taken from Project Runway). the idea is that every week, the chosen group of people (10 Looklet stylists) would be faced with a new challenge, and if they pass it then they’ll go through the next round till finally there’s only 2 stylists left. the 2 “worst” stylists of each challenge each week would be faced to the public, who would vote for which one of them can still continue and which one has to go. simple as that. the winner won’t get actual money, but he/she’ll get a personal Looklet website (or well, a website to post your looks from Looklet, kinda like a styling portfolio), and also have the right to write some articles in the Take A Looklet site.
so of course i HAD to try to enter it . and the good news is, i got chosen as one of the 10 stylists to go to that competition!
so far we’ve had 1 challenge, in which we had to create a look that represents our country & its culture. i passed it with this look:
still nervously waiting for the second challenge now, but you’re more than welcome to follow the competition on the Take A Looklet w
ebsite (=please do! and support me! yay!).
and that was how i spent my summer, that came and went as quickly as that. there’s still some weeks of warmth left here, but after that the autumn will come & it won’t be long till winter follows.
picture credits, top to bottom: my dad/his own camera, my husband/his own camera, me/my own camera, some girl in the park/Elina’s camera, my husband/Dini’s camera

6 thoughts on “it came and went..

  1. Happy Birthday Puni!!!! You make me wanna buy a sewing machine. Minggu depan di Lidl ada tarjous, 99 euro, merknya Singer, bisa 10 macem jaitan katanya. Liat2 kayanya harga segitu paling murah ya. Tp sekaligus jg msh mahal buat gue yg msh ga bisa apa2, takutnya malah ga kepake. Eh, gue pengagum style-lo loh. Masih keinget celana kulot yg lo pake waktu kita ketemuan di Eurokangas. Naksir beraaat niiih. Will check out the looklet website and vote for you for sure.

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