get all dolled up!

finally it’s starting to look & feel like spring here!

which means the sun shines for a longer time and that means my sewing machine also starts to see the light of days again .
this wasn’t my first project of this year though, but i feel it more proper to start spring by posting this project first instead of my previous ones (i also just haven’t been up to taking pictures of my previous sewing projects this year, you’ll see why later…when i actually DO post it here).
so, without further ado, here is yours truly, getting all dolled up. or PAPER DOLL-ed up!


ah, i just love working at a fabric store ..
it means easy access to cute fabrics like this one, which is a paper doll patterned cotton fabric. you can actually cut out the dolls & clothes and play with them if you want!
and here’s the detail on the hip part:
the band is actually first like a tube, and then it’s pleated twice at the front and attached to the hip part of the jacket on several parts. the rest of the band is just let loose.
i’ve always had a thing for paper dolls…which is why i got this lovely “book” from my husband as a Christmas present last year:
yes, it’s the master of paper dolls himself, Tom Tierney, and this “book” is a showcase of fashion from my most fave era, the 1920s. (i said “book” because it’s actually a paper doll set that you can cut out and play with, hehehe…)
all i can say is, thank heavens for paper dolls. thank heavens for fabrics like these. thank heavens for the Stylish Dress Book vol. 2 for this pattern:
bigger & better pics can be seen here.

4 thoughts on “get all dolled up!

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