haha, been over a month since my last entry, and what have i got to write? nothing new, that’s what .

but i do want to write about something old.
it came to my mind around 2 weeks ago, when i was falling back into an old habit: making looks in Looklet.com. there’s always some contest going around there, and for some reason i couldn’t enter the contest they had 2 weeks ago. so i decided to challenge myself into making a series of look with a specific theme, just to keep me busy (as if i’m not already busy enough).
and that’s when i got reminded of another old love of mine: Tarot cards.
oh yes, tarot and i went a loooong way back.
when i was around 6 or 7 years old, i had my first taste of wicca by being introduced to the Ouija board. our family then bought something similar called the Psychic Circle. and then when i was in middle school, a highschool mate of my sister taught me how to “read the love future” by using regular playing card deck. being a teenager with unexplainable feelings towards the opposite sex, of course i happily learned how to do it, if only to have wishful thinkings (“you will end up with A” and “B will call you in another 7 days” are the kinds of things you get from those cheesy readings).
while still in middle school, i accidentally came upon a deck of Tarot cards. not the original one, but again, a cheesy teenager-version kind, that was a bonus gift from my friend’s Australian Dolly magazine. i fell instantly in love with it, thinking how brilliant it is to be able to tell more than just lovey-dovey stuffs with cards that actually have pictures. (i ended up borrowing the cards from that friend, and made my own deck, with my own drawings, coloured by coloured pencils, based on that deck.)
i don’t quite remember the exact time, but i think it was when i was in high school that my sister went to Singapore and finally got me my first real Tarot card deck. it was the “generic” Rider Waite tarot, along with 2 (or was it 3..) books in the same set, that have explanations about tarot itself, the history, the meanings, etc. from there, i learned that tarot cards can be used for meditations, that you can have some connection to specific decks and not with other decks. and also, that tarot cards can sometimes tell about the future, but the future always changes according to your decision (so no, our futures are not written in stars). most importantly, tarot cards are like windows to your own soul, helping you to see what is there all along, and provide you with clarity to straighten your problems.
as much as i love my first tarot cards, i must admit that sometimes i just don’t get what they’re trying to say. so i began looking for different sets of tarot cards. the second set i got was from my boyfriend at that time, which actually belonged to his deceased mum. it’s called Goddess Tarot. in my hands, it felt even weaker than my first tarot, so after some time, i stopped using it (not long after that, the cards got washed away in a flood. i guess it’s just not meant to be!).
the third one i got was a bit of a mistake. it was a mini tarot also by Rider Waite, and at first i thought it’s a completely different deck than the original one, and bought it mostly because of the mini size. i was a bit disappointed when it turned out to be the exact same deck as the original one, but use it nonetheless for a change. at least this deck is something i can carry around when my classmates at that moment wanted some readings.
the fourth one was again from my sister. she went to KL this time, and asked if i’d like to get a new tarot card deck as it’s usually cheaper than in Indonesia back then. there were 2 options she gave me, the Fantastical Tarot, or the Vampire Tarot (i was into goth at that moment…and still am, actually). i chose the Fantastical one, based on some pictures of the deck i found on the internet…and finally, i’ve met my match.
from the first time i did my reading with it, it’s always given me clear answers. even now when i don’t do as much readings anymore, it’s still my best partner that i have the best connection with .
so then my search of the most compatible tarot card ended. but that doesn’t mean i’ve stopped wanting new decks! Tarot of Oz, Whimsical Tarot, Da Vinci Tarot & Deviant Moon Tarot are just to name a few off of my long Tarot wishlist.
and now i already have a new deck (the Major Arcana, at least), made by myself again: the Looklet version! i’m pretty pleased with the outcome, and at the same time while i made it, i became reacquainted with my love for Tarot. i went through the journey of the Fool once again, and carefully put each item & symbol to my looks in Looklet.
to view my Looklet tarot looks, please go here. the description can be found on each look’s page, so be sure to click each picture there!

7 thoughts on “TaroToraTarot

  1. iiiiii!!! keyeeeennn…..gila! Psychic Circleee!! XD mainan dulu tuh :psetelah elu, gw juga sempet diTarot temen gw, Puy.temen gw punya Gothic Tarot. keren deh, ada Dracula, Jekyll&Hyde, karya2nya Poe…aku ingin :|tapi sekarang temen gw itu udah berhenti. bhu.

  2. varinwibowo said: ide bagus nih.. eh read me dong pun.. hehe hiy

    eheheh, ntar ya klo eyang dukun lagi punya waktu 😀 hihihi…eh Varinnn….jangan2 nanti lo bikin fashion spread pake ide tarot lagih…aaa, tidaaaak…

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