wrap it up

it feels wrong to start a new year in my blog without a recap of what’s been done in 2010, especially since it was such a great year for me. so just like all the gazillions of people out there, here’s my 2010 in a nutshell. (better late than never.)

+it was a year of travelling for us.
to start 2010, we went on a cruise to Stockholm, exactly on the 1st of January. it was really something to go on a cruise in winter, and i just loved the whole cruising experience. can’t wait to try it again in summer time someday!
then in the summer of 2010, for the first time after i moved to Finland, we got to go visit Indonesia. that was prolly the highlight of my 2010. it was highly rewarding too, for we have both worked & waited so long to finally get to visit Indonesia.
+it was a good year for my career.
first got a promotion in the beginning of 2010, to a position that i still hold to this day. i had wanted that position for around half a year, and when i finally got it, it felt so great! i finally felt like i CAN actually do good at my work here in a foreign country.
and in the end of 2010, got a side job as an interpreter. although regretfully i have quitted that side job now, but i’m glad to have worked there for a while. the payment was good, the job was mostly nice, but alas, i’m just not built for doing 2 jobs at the same time.
+it was a year full of health. except for when we were in Indonesia.
how ironic, don’t you think?
i actually almost didn’t have any sick leave at all last year, and the longest sick period i had was actually when we were in Indonesia. in case you’re wondering, it was NOT diarrhoea, but flu. a very nasty one. but anyway, i’m thankful enough for a healthy year.
+it was a year full of footwear for me. sort of.
the first pair was the TopShop pink studded maryjanes from our trip to Stockholm, and then the 2nd pair was the bright orange strappy sandals from Monki.
3rd, 4th, 5th pair were all from Indonesia: the silver Wondershoe pair, yellow fake Melissa pair, and salmony pink batik Just Kulkith pair. i actually already “bought” the shoes from 2009 via my sister in Jakarta, but since i didn’t get there until 2010, it felt like i bought them in 2010 instead.
when i got back to work after the summer holiday, i had trouble with my feet & needed a new pair of working sandals…so we went and got me a new pair of sandals for work, which worked & still works like wonders to this date.
just when i thought that’s the end of my footwear saga, my last boots had to break apart right at the end of 2010. after post-Christmas sale started, i bought new boots from Weekday that i hoped to be the last footwear of the year for me. unfortunately, those boots were apparently too cheap for the harsh winter we’re having, or in other words, not warm/snow-resistant enough. even though i love them so much, i had to agree with my husband that i needed a good, long-lasting pair of boots. so, in the very end of 2010, i again bought new pair of boots, from Caterpillar this time.
8 shoes/sandals/boots in a year. can’t believe it myself.
my one and only new year resolution shall be: NOT to buy any shoes! (yes, let’s see how long that’ll last…).
and with that, year 2010 is wrapped up and gone. thanks 2010, nice having you here!

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