hello world, how are youuuu?

yes, i know, it’s been quite some time from the last time i wrote about something, ANYTHING, other than my sewing projects. let’s see, what else have i got? um…nothing?

truthfully, and sadly, other than work, i have no life. yes, i have to admit that now.
4 years after moving to a new country, you’d get caught up in whatever it is you’re busy doing, and you just can’t find time for anything else. at least, that’s my case.
as i’ve written some time ago, i got a small promotion at work earlier this year. by “work”, i mean the fabric store. and then, as if i wasn’t busy enough already, some other opportunity came to me out of the blue.
2 years ago, before i started working at the fabric store, i applied to hundreds of places. one of them was to this interpreter & translator center.
i went to the office, filled in some kind of form, and then they said they’ll let me know whenever they need me. so yeah, it’s basically kinda like a freelance thing.
and then, as luck may have it, i got a more “permanent” job at the fabric store, and i no longer remembered/cared about any other applications i’ve sent to other places.
at the fabric store, i learned basically from zero again, how to speak Finnish in spoken language, how to communicate with actual people rather than teachers or other students. it took me prolly another year to finally somewhat “ace” it.
when i went to Indonesia this summer with my mum-in-law, she would sometimes talk in Finnish to me, and i would translate it to Indonesian (or English) and vice versa. it was fun, and even though i know my Finnish isn’t as perfect as my Indonesian or English, it feels nice to know that she understood everything i said and actually helped her get through different kinds of situations. i also kept talking to her mostly in Finnish so that i won’t forget my Finnish when i got back here.
just when i wasn’t expecting anything more (if not at all), a phone call came at the end of October. surprise surprise, it was from that interpreter & translator center. after 2 years, they finally have a job for me.
my first instinct was to turn them down, since i now already have a full time job. but they begged and begged, that i finally gave in.
here’s the strangest thing: i did my first interpreting gig exactly 4 years after the day that i left Indonesia to move to Finland, November 1st 2006.
if you ask me 4 years ago, what would i be doing in the next 4 years, i wouldn’t even dream of having a side job as an interpreter. or maybe i would dream of it, but it sounded so ridiculous back then, knowing that Finnish language is one of the hardest languages in the world to learn.
4 years ago on that day, i was sitting on the plane, saying goodbye to images of my family and friends in my head, feeling like i’m about to enter a strange new world where i won’t even understand what people are saying. sure, i thought i would someday understand the language, enough to get by, but i thought it would prolly take 10 years of practice.
on November 1st 2010 though, i interpreted Finnish to Indonesian, and Indonesian to Finnish, with no dictionary at hand, only with a piece of paper and a pen.
it felt weird, surreal, and again, kinda nice that i’m actually helping some people.
to make things short, that first gig went well. well enough for them to ask me for a second time (which i unfortunately had to refuse since my full time job at the fabric store is still my number 1 priority). and also a third & fourth time.
yeah, i’m having a nice time. especially remembering how much they pay me for the interpretation work .
..but i can’t help missing my free time. well, you know what they say, you can’t have them all (in this case: money AND free time).
so i do what a human being can do in this kind of situation: thank God for these opportunities that have come my way, help those people in need as much as i can, and pray that maybe one day God will give me some free time to enjoy with my loved ones or do the things i love.

6 thoughts on “hello world, how are youuuu?

  1. whoaaa!!! that’s cool!! proud of you ^^anyway … funny. just had the same feeling like that.few while ago if [when i’m still into answering Friendster’s Bulletin Boards! XD ], if there was a question about dream job, i’d say “working as a scriptwriter with sidejobs as graphic designer and/or photographer”.and now, i’m doing it the other way around.well … not EXACTLY what i said before, but my full time work still designing, and i also freelancing as writer in … the very same magazine i’m working in XDand i’m currently getting through series of tests to do subtitles for a cable tv ^^life’s well, eh?

  2. siriuslyelmo said: life’s well, eh?

    heheheh, yeah, it is indeed.congrats for you, soon you’ll be doing 3 jobs at once!! (let’s sing it now: money money moneyyyy…)…btw, on top of all your activities, you still go to futsal every week???? O_ohow many hours are there in a day of your life? 43?

  3. LOLfutsal every Friday and [something like] gym-ing every Monday-Thursday :pthe sports are [almost] after hours, for an hour or so. not really taking up time X)and not far from work. there’s a futsal pitch near work, and there’s a …….. studio at the office :|anyway, yes!! let’s sing! money, money, moneeeeyyy XD

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