we’re off to see the wizard!

so i finished sewing yet another dress in one day. isn’t it amazing how productive one can be in a rainy season like this here in Finland?

anyway. i saw this fabric when i was just starting to work at the fabric store, and i was like, “no way!! DOROTHY!! TOTO!! AAAAAAAAA!!!!” and grabbed it and paid for it the same day. i didn’t even care to check how much it costs or how many meters there were (it’s already cut into pieces), i just HAD to have it!
that was more than 2 years ago, btw.
i just never found the perfect clothing pattern for it, since the fabric itself is already a bit “childish” (love it nonetheless!). for me, when the fabric’s pattern is already childish or whimsical, then the shape of the clothing made from the fabric should be somewhat more adult looking, or just a classic shape. i love the idea of combining 2 contradicting things like that .
and then, suddenly the cut-out (yes, again!) trend arrived, and with it, an idea brimmed in my head..this particular one was inspired by Luella design.
out of luck, my co-worker lent her book to me, Ihanat mekot ja tunikat.
it’s the Stylish Dress Book 1st volume which is already translated to Finnish. it was actually her book that made me want to get my own, and i finally ended up with the 2nd volume which was given to me by my sister and mum.
long story short, i found what i was looking for: a simple top part for a dress, with a bit higher neckline. it was the S pattern from that book.
i only used the top part of the pattern, without the sleeves.

and then i again altered the back part…because i made it to be like this:
tadaaaah! remember what Dorothy said: there’s no place like home. and then, following the famous proverb: home is where your heart is, well then why don’t i just add a heart at the back? or rather, cut-out a heart!
i again used snap buttons for the closures, and then, yet another freshly-learned technique that i applied to the bottom part: scallop edge!

the teacup earrings that i wore are wonderfully handmade by the lovely Anne.

you know where to find bigger & better pics, right?

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