cut out and keep

back in Ame No Machi days, i’ve always liked designing clothes (dresses, particularly) that has a surprising element. like a dress that looks completely polite & old-fashioned from the front, and then a gaping hole on the back. like a top that looks innocent from the front, and then only sheer soft tulle to show the whole bare back. back then i couldn’t sew myself, so it was easy for me to dream, draw, and ask our tailor to sew it for me.

and then i learned how to sew. and i also happen to work at a fabric store, surrounded by hundreds of thousands of fabrics. i’ve come to realize by now that i just can’t say no to cute prints. that’s my specialty. you’ll rarely see me creating something out of one-coloured non-patterned fabric.
suddenly, this year there’s something called “cut out” trend in fashion. be it at the front, at the back, at the shoulder parts, you name it. i’d been only viewing it from afar, that is, until i finally found the perfect pattern to try it on my own.
my “inspiration” (if you can call it that, since i copied the whole design!) came solely from Vivat Veritas’ blog. i looooooove all the cut-out dresses she made, so i decided to take a plunge and dive in myself. my tools were my remnants of the Moschino & Jamie McLeod fabric, a plain black cotton fabric, a silk chiffon fabric i bought almost 1,5 years ago that i never got a chance to use, and Burda pattern no. 7636. oh, and some snap buttons i bought while i was at Jakarta last time.
first, i copied the whole front and back pattern parts of the dress to the pattern paper, and then i re-shaped the back part by drawing a curve from the middle to just below the arm hole. and then another curve on the bottom side. i added a waistband from the black fabric, and the silk chiffon is for the skirt part, which i layered in two so it won’t be too transparent. i left the hem raw, again, i just like it that way rather than letting the fabric bunch up in the bottom.
i used the Moschino fabric as the right side of the dress, and the Jamie McLeod one as a lining for the top part. and then, for the closures, i only used the snap buttons.
and voila! it was done in one day! i love it SO SO MUCH, and i owe a BIIIIIIG thank you to Vivat Veritas for showing pictures upon pictures of her cut-out back dresses on her blog, that i could finally “copy” them all on my own. i’m definitely gonna make more of these!
as always, bigger & better pics can be seen here.

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