what matters most in fashion – IMHO

before i start, let me just remind you (and myself) that this is my personal opinion. and since this is my own blog, i don’t really care what other people’s opinions are.

i’ve been following the “hit” tv show Project Runway for a while now, i’ve seen all seasons’ episodes except for season 1.
there are some seasons where the designs & craftmanship are just impeccable. some, though very rare, are just ho-hum and nothing memorable.
but nonetheless, i have complete faith in the judges of the show that they know what they’re doing, and i always agree with their decisions.
the designers come in various colours, shapes, and attitudes. some are nice, some are quirky & weird, and some are just plain bi**hes.
but i have to say i’ve never seen any designer who is just plain mean.
and in the 8th, you’ll see, not just one, but 8 of them.
i don’t even know how it started, but you can already see it from the 4th episode.
and last night, as i saw the latest episode, which was the 6th episode, i just completely exploded with rage seeing those mean ones in action.
from this point on, there will be spoilers to those who actually want to see Project Runway season 6, but haven’t seen the 4th – 6th episode, and sorry for that, but as i said, this is MY BLOG. so bear with it.
at the 4th episode, this was the winning look:

although it wasn’t my most fave look from that episode, i can’t see anything wrong with it, and i definitely CAN see why it’s a winning look. it’s something elegant yet effortless that lots of women would want to wear, still coherent with the headpiece (which was the whole idea of that episode’s challenge) but not TOO matchy-matchy (which i would hate), and oh yeah: it’s asymmetrical! i liked how it’s styled too, not too much, and yet it’s also not forgettable. hell, even Philip Treacy, the creator of the headpiece, loved it!
for some reason though, this group of 8 people completely thrashed it, and when the designer came in to the waiting room to deliver the good news, hardly any one of them said congratulations to him.
their reason? HE CAN’T SEW.
he can’t even do the most basic pattern making. he doesn’t understand what fabrics go together and what don’t.
excuse me?? since when has there been a limit as to what fabrics go together and what don’t in creating fashion? if he can’t do basic pattern making, i’d say he’s gifted for creating such a piece! and hello?? if he can’t sew, then was it some genie that did all the sewing that actually won that episode??
let’s move on to the next episode.
unfortunately for that winning designer, this next challege was a group challenge. naturally, he chose the best-of-the-best designer, which, unbeknownst to him, actually hated/degraded/underestimated him. he was in a group with other winners (or almost winners) from the past challenges. and things are going to get painful.
even from when they were only brainstorming, nobody listened to him. whenever he had an idea, they rejected it. when he was sewing, nobody liked what he made, and all the while they complained over and over about the same thing: he can’t bloody sew.
and yet, this was what he sewed (the blouse):

which is about all i liked from this whole outfit. the rest of them looked old and home sewn.
and from those who said that he can’t sew, one of them (and OMGihatehersomuchrightnow), sewed these (the whole outfit):
…i just wanted to laugh seeing this. i would certainly question the taste level of whoever puts together a look like this. but that’s beside the point. the point is…look at the pockets and pleats of the shorts, shall we? is she’s a better seamstress, then how come those pleats look so awkward? they make her look like she’s pregnant. the lining from the pocket (see left pocket) peaks out while she walks, and i don’t think it was meant to be like that. with the whole outfit already looking old, the girl’s wearing her hair down which adds even more old feeling to it…she can’t sew, and she can’t style either.

so who designed these weird outfits, you ask? why, it’s that so-called best-of-the-best designer, that’s who. for some weird reason, she thought she’s in charge of being the boss of the group, eventhough for this challenge there wasn’t supposed to be any leader whatsoever.

thus, they went from a “highly expected to win” group to be the loser of the day. before they got to be questioned by the judges, the designer who’s bossing everyone around said “let’s not name names if the ask who was the weakest link in our group”, and that’s what she did…for the first 2 minutes of her speech/self defence opening to her explanation in front of the judges.

on the 3rd minute, however, she changed her whole attitude (that even Michael Kors seemed to be amazed of) and finally broke her own words, and named that designer who won on the last challenge as the weakest link. and then, everyone else in the group blamed him too. they said that because of him, no one could concentrate on what they’re supposed to be working on. (really, that’s the most bizarre reason i’ve ever heard.)

the funny thing is, the judges (and i also agree) took one look at what that said designer did (and SEWED, for crying out loud) and saw nothing wrong with it. it was made beautifully, and actually added youth to the design.

that designer ended up being safe, since he had immunity from winning the last challenge. but as he came in the waiting room, he cried his eyes out. well, not surprising, considering he just got thrown under the bus by his whole group members.

on to the next episode, which was the one i just saw last night.
now the challenge was to remake clothes from something old (and hideous) that their clients would actually want to wear again.

all those mean designers are still bad-mouthing the poor designer, up to the point where somebody somehow managed to create a rumour that the poor designer tried to sabotage the OMGihatehersomuchrightnow designer. hearing the rumour himself, he tried to talk to her, in front of everyone else, that it’s not true and that no matter how much he disliked someone, he’d never throw down his/her work. she, of course, chose not to believe him. (seriously, i’m beginning to think she’s the one who spreaded the rumour herself.) the others said he’s an idiot for talking to her in front of all of them (?? i think it’s fair and square that he said it in front of everyone, so that everyone can see that he’s being honest and not talking behind their back).

and then…surprise! that poor designer actually won again!
this was his winning look this time:

the model is the client herself, and she asked for lace sleeves + short short short dress to be made out of a boring long nightgown.

i actually loved this! it was either this or one other dress that i thought deserve to win, and i was glad this one won in the end. the first reason why i loved it was the asymmetrical shape (of course, doh!). and i loved how he put in together so many different types of fabric, and yet they all worked together. it’s unconventional, which is just perfect for me.

and what did those mean designers say? the same thing over and over again, that he can’t sew, he should be sent home already, that lace + satin + velvet + metallic zipper can’t work together. one thing they DIDN’T say is “congratulations”. when the winning designer stepped in to the waiting room, beaming and said sheepishly that he’d won, they all visibly rolled their eyes, and shouted “of COURSE you did”, and that’s that. no one said congrats, no one shook his hands, no one hugged him.

out of all of them, only one said that he has no problem with [the winning designer], and that he respects him as a designer and he deserved to win.

wanna know what some of those mean designers “designed”?
well, i guess if the client asked for a look like she’s been wearing the same tank top for over a month without taking showers, then the designer’s definitely reached it. no offense to the model herself, but this look on her makes me feel like i can SMELL her body odour from here. and it’s not the nice kind.
this was designed by that bossy/best-of-the-best designer, btw.

here’s another one:

this one was made by the OMGihatehersomuchrightnow designer. yeah, there’s nothing wrong with this look. except that it’s boring. for your information, in the first challenge, where they also had to remake clothes from ready-to-wear clothes, she made PANTS out of PANTS. all she did was crunch them upwards to make them shorter (i.e. capris). HELLO? and you feel that you have the right to say that someone who changed a blah nightgown to an edgy short dress “CAN’T SEW”???

what really bugged me about this, or should i say, what made me even write about this, is that seeing their attitude makes me think if that’s how people see other people in the fashion industry.

if you didn’t go to a fashion school, have no basic knowledge of pattern making, and combines fabrics that no one else usually combine together, then you are not a designer. is that really how it goes?

this attitude annoys me so much, and hits home, unfortunately, because i am just like that poor designer who gets bullied day after day by those so called “educated” designers. i’ve never gone to a fashion school, have no basic knowledge of pattern making, and i combine satin with cotton and velvet.

in a creative world, which is where fashion design is, i never knew there’re such limitations as to what works together and what doesn’t. that’s like saying to a painter that he can’t use a certain brush to paint with a certain paint. i mean, come on, it’s FASHION! it’s art! it’s design! you’re SUPPOSED to come up with something new, unconventional ways and shapes!
that’s how you keep the business going and say “aha! why didn’t i think of combining those two together?”.

i’m really overjoyed that the judges of Project Runway at least could see that, and i can only hope that the fashion people around the world won’t be so closed-minded and plain mean when someone who’s “undereducated” like that poor designer enters the fashion world.

what matters most in fashion is the end result, regardless of how you do it. who cares if you have an unconventional way of cutting the patterns? who cares if satin and cotton don’t normally go together? if the end result looks good & impeccable, i’d say you’re one helluva designer!
ps. pictures are borrowed from mylifetime.com and tvguide.com

8 thoughts on “what matters most in fashion – IMHO

  1. imandita said: gimana kamu nonton shitnetron di indonesia ya??? bisa dibakar tuh tivi dan para aktornya

    bedanya, klo sinetron Indonesia itu akting. mau separah apapun kejamnya ibu tiri, semua juga tau klo itu boongan. dan gue bukan jenis orang yg bisa kemakan sama akting org yg kejam banget di tv.yg ini adalah (katanya) reality tv show, AND it’s about fashion industry.lepas dari show Project Runway-nya, intinya adalah ttg sikap org2 di industri fashion yg “terdidik” terhadap org2 yg “tidak terdidik” (secara formal) di bidang yg sama, yg padahal klo diliat dari hasil akhirnya, kadang ga ada bedanya atau malah yg “tidak terdidik” lebih rapih & fresh dibanding yg “terdidik”.itu yg jadi concern gue di sini. secara gue termasuk orang yg “tidak terdidik” di bidang fashion, sikap org2 itu bikin gue heran & can’t help wondering apakah emg gitu pandangan mereka terhadap org2 kyk gue? untungnya para juri di show itu, yg malah udh lebih lama berkecimpung di dunia fashion, justru membuktikan bahwa mereka nggak berpikir demikian, dan tetap mementingkan hasil akhir dari para desainer itu.tulisan ini cuma buat jadi “eye opener”, betapa (menurut gue) salahnya orang2 yg beranggapan begitu, kalau jelas2 hasil akhirnya membuktikan bahwa org2 yg “tidak terdidik” itu malah lebih keren & menarik secara estetik.

  2. haaah gw dah ngikuting PR lagi secara gk ada siaran nya di sini :(gw mengerti perasaan lo apalagi lo menekuni bidang itu pasti makin gregeetan yaaak :Pyaah kita doakan saja seemoga si poor deesigner menang…

  3. diniluvchocolat said: haaah gw dah ngikuting PR lagi secara gk ada siaran nya di sini 😦

    hehe, Dince, kami ga punya tv, tapi kan masih ada internet…jadi gue nonton dari internet :Danyway, desainer unggulan gue lain lagi sih, cuma gue ga rela aja si poor designer ini diperlakukan sedemikian rupa, padahal dia BISA jait, mendesain dan seleranya bagus…and i don’t think he’s the only one experiencing that in the real world. it’s a shame, really.

  4. ya ampun, seru banget. Secara ini reality show pasti nontonnya sambil emosi ke ubun-ubun. Jadi gimana nih, Pun? Si designer yang gak bisa jait itu masih selamet gak sampe sekarang?

  5. seerika said: Si designer yang gak bisa jait itu masih selamet gak sampe sekarang?

    hihih..believe it or not, dia termasuk 4 finalis yg skarang lagi siap2in koleksi mereka buat fashion week 😉 dan yg waktu itu ngolok2 dia udh keluar dari..hmm…3 atau 4 episode lalu deh…masih sempet make a comeback pula itu “desainer” cewek supernyebelinamit2deh, dan masiiiiiih nyoba nyebarin gosip klo si desainer kasian ini pake cara curang…yg alhasil ditepiskan secara tegas oleh Tim Gunn yg manis, huahahaha..kasiaaaaaan deh looooooooooo…

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