fly me to the moon and let me eat chocolate cherries there

yeah, i also think Frank Sinatra would love that new version of his song .

after …erm, half a year of practically sewing nothing from scratch (the last time i made something totally from zero was last year’s November…or December..a buttoned-up shirt for my husband, which i still haven’t blogged about/taken pictures of!), i’ve finally gathered enough energy to start another project.
or two, to be exact .
last spring i saw a super-cute airplane silk fabric at our store. it was one of those special offer fabrics that costed 5.90€/m, i just had to buy a meter of it.
had no idea what i was going to make from it, but airplanes are my husband’s fave, and since i just made him a buttoned-up shirt with airplane pattern on it, i thought i’d make a match for it, something girly and cute.
on another account, i laid my hands on a super nice polkadot chiffon fabric from the pala osasto (the department i’m now working at) of our store, and i suspected it’s actually silk.
when i went home after buying this fabric, i tried combining it with the plane fabric…and it worked!
flipped through my stacks and stacks of patterns, books, and magazines, and finally found something that caught my eyes:

that top up there is what i was aiming for, using those 2 fabrics.

it was my first time sewing real silk, and of course it’s not the easiest fabric to handle in the world if you’re only a beginner. but nonetheless, i finally managed to finish it, with a mild improvisation: leaving the edges of the sleeves and neckline undone.
when it was done, i put it on my dummy…and it looked like a sad potato sack with a cute print. i was a bit sad..but then i accidentaly flipped the sleeves to the back and got an idea..or two .
this is how it’s supposed to be worn, according to the book. after i pulled the string on the bottom part, it wasn’t so bad afterall.

but then, a second style! whoopee! this time i let the bottom part loose, making it look more like a tunic, and flipped the sleeves to the back, to create a cape-like effect . loving this top more and more now!
and finally, a third style! lalala! this time i flipped the sleeves to the front, so it looked like i had on a vest over the top part . oh, and i tried putting a belt on it, and still let the bottom part loose.
i’m so glad i decided to make this top with these 2 lovely fabrics!
and now for the cherry part.
some time in spring (again..that’s the best time for a brain to look for some things to do, i guess?), i again stumbled upon a cute fabric from my department at work. this time, it’s a stretchy satin fabric, with stripes and, yes, you guessed it, cherries and chocolate pattern!
that was the same spring when Burberry Prorsum’s skirt was all the rage:

aren’t they lovely?

and out of luck, i found a tutorial on making that skirt made by SewIThought. so of course i just had to buy that cherry fabric!

and then, a new dread appear: if i want to make a skirt like that using a satin fabric, i’d have to use some kind of closure..and the perfect closure is the one i’ve always avoided sewing for all my 2 years of sewing life. THE INVISIBLE ZIPPER! *add thunder sounds for horror effect*

thinking that i would fail on my first attempt, i decided to buy the zipper (and thread, actually) on my trip to Indonesia, since zippers are way cheaper there.

after getting back to Finland, i looked for a simple skirt pattern for the base..and found it on Burda pattern no. 7660.
i made it shorter than what the pattern actually said, and halfway through copying the pattern pieces to the fabric, i just realized that i ran out of interface fabric. so i grabbed the hardest fabric i found in my fabric closet: plain cotton fabric.
everything went smoothly until it’s time for me to attach the drapery thing on the front part..and then realizing that i should’ve done that before i sew the side part (doh!) AND sew the waistband.
lots of stitches later, i was face to face with my biggest fear, THE INVISIBLE ZIPPER!
i opened as much tutorials a human can possibly find on how to sew an invisible zipper, and after taking a few deep breaths and saying the magic word (“here goes everything!”), i finally began it.
and then, before i knew it, i was done sewing it.
HA! i’ve conquered you, THE INVISIBLE ZIPPER!! not so bad for a first-timer, and i didn’t even waste a single zipper! actually i kinda like it, and who knows…i might just do it again in my future sewing projects.
without further ado, here it is, the chocolate cherry Burberry skirt!
the only minus point from the skirt was actually not caused by the zipper, but it’s the drapery. i just couldn’t do any better to the sides of the skirt, so in the end the right bottom part is a bit weird. but whatever. it looks more organic that way, if that even makes sense?

for bigger and better pics, feel free to see this photo album.
the first picture was taken from the book “Stylish Dress Book”, and the Burberry Prorsum Spring-Summer ’10 pictures were taken from

10 thoughts on “fly me to the moon and let me eat chocolate cherries there

  1. imandita said: ehheheh banyak benang2 keluar kayak jaman smp kalo rok cewe kependekan lim nya di di dedel ama guru agama

    Rendyyyy, plis deh!imperfection is beauty :p sengaja kale dibikin unfinished gitu, biar beda sama yg lain..makanyaaah, jangan jaman smp aja yg lo inget2, hihihi…

  2. varinwibowo said: Keren banget paraaahhhh.. aku sukaaa!! yg top-nya itu aku ngefans banget pengen jugaaa.. :)) aahh puniii kereeennn

    huwow, coming from you, aku merasa tersanjung skali :Dhahah..bahannya kali yg lo suka? sayang udh abis, jadi ga bisa gue beliin buat lo..

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