my new playground

well, after starting out as an intern on March 2008, and moving up as a rush-hour salesperson on June 2008, and then as a part-time salesperson with a minimum of 10 working hours/week on March 2009, now i’m again moving up one more step .

as of today, i’m a part-time salesperson with a minimum of 30 working hours/week, and after end of May, possibly finally a permanent worker, with a steady income every month (no longer decided by how many hours i work in a week).

yep, i got myself a new position, and this time i’m no longer in the home-fabric department as i had been all this time.

at my workplace, there is a part called “pala osasto”, which in English would prolly be called “scraps department”.
basically, in that department, we sell fabrics that are max. 7m long and min. 60cm long, and the prices depend on how much they weigh. they’re also commonly known as kilo fabrics.

imagine a box, with the dimension of 1m x 1m, and around 30cm deep.
multiply it by around 50.
and then imagine all those boxes, full of all kinds of those scraps of fabrics.
from laces, to jerseys, to basic cottons for bed sheets, to fleeces, to wools, to organzas, to chiffons, to upholstery fabrics…you name it!
ALL THAT, is part of the “scraps dept.”.

and i’m the one handling the whole “scraps department”. the ONLY ONE, i might add.
cuz there is always only one worker in this dept. .

so what i do now is basically everything i’ve done before (selling fabrics, duh) and more.

i have to choose what kinds of fabrics to order on the next batch (we have to order them every week, btw. tons and hundreds of kilos of fabrics. indeed.), which means i have to know which kinds of fabrics would best sell on this time of the year.

then, when they come, every week, i have to receive them, comb through them one by one to check that everything’s fine, there’s no rip/hole/mark, put the price tags on them, and move them to their own boxes.

on top of that, i also have to figure out how to present them in the nicest way. what fabrics should be at the front part of the rows, what should be on the lower boxes, all depending on the trend at the time.

and i also have to decide which fabrics i want to put on display, whether it’s just by hanging them from the ceiling to the floor, or on a dummy (oh, this should be VEEEEEERY exciting!).
and i have to always change these every 2 weeks.
we have our own visual merchandiser though, so i won’t have to do the displays myself, thankfully! but i can decide which fabrics to show, and what kind of “clothes” i want them to be for the dummies, i believe .

every 2 weeks, i also have to check if there are any minuses in the fabrics’ balances, which can be caused if someone sells the scraps fabrics with the wrong code, etc. (yes, that happens quite a lot just in 2 weeks).

since this is kinda new to me, they’re giving me a 3 month probation time (which is good, considering after 3 months, i’m going to my home country, woot!!!), and if all goes well, they’ll make me a permanent worker in that position afterwards .

so, here’s lookin’ at you, kid! *looks at myself…without any alcoholic drink on my hand, of course*
not a bad achievement after a mere 3.5 year-span of time living in a strange new country, and learning to speak their language (and actually WORK in their language).


7 thoughts on “my new playground

  1. hi puni, udh lama banget ya ga ktemu kita 🙂 for what im reading in here, i think u have a very exciting job (and life, if i may add) rite now! i hope someday i can feel what its like to be u, living in a strange new country with an exciting job 😉

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