current want: tights.. all kinds of pattern you can imagine.

first i came upon the American Apparel website, and came to the conclusion that they have overpriced clothes (to me, at least..*sniffs and looks at her wallet*).
so, say goodbye to this cute two-tone tights.

and then i found these awesome webby tights from my long-forgotten fave online shop (by “fave”, i meant that i used to “window”shop there by internet when i was in college), Hot Topic.

not a bad price there, but seems like a waste of money to buy some tights from the states and pay the same amount of money as the tights itself for the shipping fee.
so, once again, it’s just for eye candy.

and then, oh, i found this lovely website where all your tights-related-dreams come true : Celeste Stein Designs.

the idea is that you can choose what kind of “format” you want: tights, socks, leggings, etc.
and after you choose it, you can choose from thousands (maybe) of prints they have in their catalog .

some prints i wouldn’t mind having as tights:

they have quite a reasonable price for that kind of service, but i still haven’t found out if they even sell it for customers or only wholesale retailers, and how much the shipping cost is.

still. eye candy to the tights-thirsty (i.e. me).

ps. images borrowed from American Apparel, Hot Topic,, polyvore, and Celeste Stein websites.


4 thoughts on “current want: tights..

  1. Pun, gue dapet kok american apparel disini. Well, I’ll have to travel to Glasgow mind you.. but it’s still Scotland and only an hr and a half away, compared to you in Finland that is :). Kalo mau titip, boleh2 saja tapi berhubung gue lagi miskin, gue jarang banget keluar jauh2 paling jauh gini hari ke Edinburgh doang, itu aja buat kerja. So I’ll give you a shout when I am heading to Glasgow and I could get you the tights, if you still want it that is.I got a pair of silver tights kotak2 kecil gitu (hard to describe) from American Apparel awhile back and I think it was around a tenner (possibly between Β£10-Β£14), can’t remember exactly (twas aages ago, could be over 2 years ago now actually) and I’m sure I remembered seeing those two tone tights (coz my friend Emily got a pair). So I think they’re about the same price. Let me know if you want to titip or not, ntar kalo gue ada duit lebih gue talangin dulu terus gue kasih grand total of the tights+postage to you, and then you can pay me back the money. How’s that? πŸ™‚

  2. jazzm1nt said: How’s that? πŸ™‚

    wowee! πŸ˜€ well, mungkin mau sih nitip, tapi ntar2 aja lah..sbenernya mereka bisa kok kirim ke Finlandia (ada website-nya untuk EU region), cuma emg gue lagi mengerem diri sndiri biar ga belanja-belanji lagi sampe nanti di Indonesia (muahahaha..let’s see how that goes!).klo lo lagi pas ke sana lemme know aja, kali2 gue lagi ada duit & bisa nitip ke elo πŸ™‚ but don’t go there especially for getting me the tights segitunya kok, hehehehe!and thanks for the offer! *hugs*

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