been lazy lately..

haven’t really sewn that much, after finishing hubby’s birthday present last December. what? i haven’t posted a picture of that yet?
um, i’ll get back to you on that.

but anyways. lately i’ve just been making small, itty bitty teenie weenie projects. like this sequin vest over here.
maybe vest is not the perfect name for it. “gilet” is the name used in BurdaStyle, as someone posted her creation, from which i based this project of mine.

i just bought a 45cm of fabric from work, it’s a somewhat stretchy fabric with sequins all over it. what i love about jerseys is that they don’t necessarily need to be sewn..perfect for a lazy person like me!

so i just cut out a hole in the middle of the fabric for the armhole (one hole for both arms, not two holes)..and i was done. no sewing needed. then just wear the gilet any way i please. ooyay.

another mini project..i’ve been looking for a cheap cheap cheap black skirt lately. cheap as in..maximum 2€? well, tough luck (duh). instead, i found my old secondhand tank top (as worn 3 years ago on the pic below), that i got from UFF years ago. that costed 2€ alright! HA.
so what could i do with it?

turn it to this, of course.
heheheh. sorry for the lack of better pictures. had to take these myself with the automatic timer.

so i just cut the shoulder parts, turn the skirt upside down, and sew (by hand) snap buttons on the sides of the tank top’s bottom part (now the skirt’s top part). and then i turned the shoulder parts inside out and sew it (again by hand) to the skirt part, just for the fun of it.
the weirder the better, as i always say.

oh, and since everything from that tank top is basically still intact, if i ever i get tired of the skirt, i’ll just take out the buttons and sew back the shoulder parts to return it to a tank top. simple.

ps. bigger (not necessarily better..) pics can be seen here.


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