express Stockholm trip

i’m sure you know that Finland & Sweden is like right next to each other on the map. well, surprisingly though (or maybe not), in all my 3 years of living in Finland, i’ve never been to Stockholm.

so when Antti’s grandmum turned 80 on January 1st 2010, and they decided to throw a dinner party on a cruise ship to Stockholm, i of course jumped up at the chance! the cabins, meals, tickets, are all courtesy of my grandparents-in-law .

gonna try to recap the trip now, as best as i can. the pics will be posted later on the photo section.

edit: now the pics are posted here. enjoooooooooooooy.

so we left on Friday afternoon to the harbour. after putting our stuffs at our tiny (but cute) cabin, we saw the ship leaving (Fin)land from the windows of the back part of the ship–which is actually the back of a casino club, haha. it left from there sometime around 17.30 Finnish time.

from there, we went straight to the Food Garden restaurant to eat dinner. happy birthday, Grandmum Haka! we ate fish roe & bread + shrimp salad for the appetizer, smoked salmon + potato mousse + barbecued vegetables for the main course, and a platter of ice cream + kiwi + chocolate mousse + cheese + some sweet white pudding (?) for dessert.

after dinner, we dashed to the Tax Free shop! looked around for some stuffs, but in the end we just bought some snacks (after all those food, you still need snacks? well..yes ). afterall, there’s still gonna be Stockholm the next day!

explored the ship a bit with Antti, and after a while, we got back to our cabin, where i then took a shower, ate snack, and then slept.
there was quite a lot of sways on that first night, so i got up in the middle of my sleep, feeling like my body’s pushed here and there by some unseen forces..hmm, but it wasn’t so bad when we’re lying down, so in the end i just fell asleep again.

next morning, as we’re approaching Stockholm, it’s breakfast time! and my oh my, it’s a buffet breakfast, whoopee!! got myself *takes a deep breath*: scrambled eggs, sausages, meatballs, sliced sausages (the kind that you’d put on top of toast breads), mini croissant, mini donut, and wafers. plus a glass of apple juice. well, i needed all the energy i could get to go out to Stockholm which was by then around -15C degrees .

got back to our cabin a bit before stepping out, and finally after getting to the metro: Stockholm! yay!

first stop for us is OF COURSE Top Shop . hahaha, what a dream come true for me. in case you don’t know yet, we here in Finland don’t have Top Shop. so yeah. bear with it!
we went to the one in Gallerian. was looking for a black skirt, but didn’t find any that suits me & my wallet, but i did find something lovely! (check the photo album later. hihihi.)
so, my mission’s accomplished!

then, we tried going to Souk mall, but for some reason we couldn’t find it..i wanted to go there to see the Monki shop. when we asked someone, she said the Souk mall is closed…argh! and i couldn’t remember where else we can find Monki shops, so in the end we just decided to forget about it, and went back to Kulturhuset (near the Gallerian mall), to go to the Design Market shop.
soooooooooooo many lovely things there, but they’re so much like Finnish design, though. still, they’re all eye candies!

then, from there we went to Burger King (another thing missing from Finland ). ate the chicken crispy (burger) meal. shockingly cheap though, for a place that’s otherwise the same as Finland. or then Finland is just shockingly expensive (i believe it’s the latter).
we also visited the 7 Eleven kiosk, though it’s quite different than the ones in Asia, heheh..(read: they don’t have Slurpees!)
oh yeah, Finland also doesn’t have 7 Eleven, but seeing that it’s just the same kind of kiosk there in Stockholm like any other kiosks in Finland, i don’t think Finns miss anything different.

the day’s half gone, so from there we went back to the metro and got off at the Old Town. ooooh, looked so nice & pretty there! that kind of scenery is something you can’t find in Finland! went in some stores just to warm ourselves up before continuing the walk (we were half freezing there already). among them were a second hand comic books shop, a very cute toy shop (really wish Freya was there with us! she’d have a blast!), and another second hand shop near the Nobel Museum.

after it got too cold for us to even stop & take pictures, we decided it’s time to go back to the ship. we stopped at a metro station closer to the harbour this time, and on our way there, we again found a small but nice shop, that sells oriental stuffs (which means Indian stuffs…all the way to Stockholm, and what do you see? Indian stuffs!) and also second hand stuffs. they really have lots of second hand stores in Stockholm, i suppose . there was a nice dress i saw there, and when i took it out from the rack, surprise surprise, it’s a Top Shop dress (LOL). oh, and there was a tabla set there in the shop, for a decoration (i think. not for sale, at least)! wish i could’ve tried playing it. (harharhar..and see how you’ve gone all rusty? yeah right.)

enough seeing around, we gathered our strength and finally walked back to the ship….and when we arrived there, our face was almost frozen, it was so hard to speak. kinda funny, now that i think of it .

around an hour after that, the ship’s packed and ready to go again, back to Helsinki. it was around 16.40 Swedish time by then.

we again went to the back of the casino club to see it departing, and then straight to the Buffet Restaurant to eat dinner. yes, buffet again!! got myself some grilled potatoes, sausages, smoked salmon, blini (bread, eaten with fish roe + smetana + chops of new fave!!), satay with rice (as near to Indonesian food as i can get there!), salmon-cream cheese roll, some ribs, and some pasta stuff mixed with fish. and then as dessert, i took vanilla ice cream, brownies with chocolate sauce, some sweets, and some sort of cake that has a creamy & jam filling. plus, a cup of blackcurrant tea. mmmmm..

after eating, we went over to the Tax Free shop again, for “souvenirs”. hihi…souvenirs, for ourselves, that is! myself an eyebrow pencil, and for us, we got lots and LOTS of sweets.

hit the showers afterwards, and then back outside to see the ship closing in on Mariehamn (Ahvenanmaa) from the Airseat room (a room full of seats for those who doesn’t rent a cabin on the cruise, just tickets to get the ship ride). it was so nice, full moon, reflected on the dark blue sea water…all that’s missing from the picture is some dolphins jumping from the water, was almost magical. went to bed afterwards, cuz the next day we still have to paaaack, oh nooo..

woke up at 8 today, and went straight to the Buffet for breakfast again. last meal on the ship, snick! ate pretty much the same thing as yesterday. we sat by the window so we can see outside (though at first it was still a
bit dark) while eating.

pack pack pack after breakfast, i didn’t even have time to see the ship approaching the land. then, we were here again in Helsinki. so little time!!

well, i’d sure like to go there again one day, either by ship or by plane *winks at hubby*. when we do go there, hopefully we’d have more time to do other things too!

but nonetheless, it was a very lovely experience, and what a way to start a new year! thanks again, grandparents-in-law!! i had a blast!


6 thoughts on “express Stockholm trip

  1. I had a great time too! Especially the cruise and the food. Stockholm is still too much like Helsinki to me, just a bit bigger and more of the old buildings. The medieval old town was nice. It really is something you dont see in Finland. But the stores didnt really have anything new to offer to me (personally). These days its mostly just the same shops (with a couple of exceptions) and also Finnish shops/design which Ive seen too much here already 😛 Swedish and Finnish things are sometimes too much alike. I dont even know how many times I’ve taken that cruise, this must be like the 10th time for me. I’m looking forward to the next one (in summertime). 🙂

  2. jazzm1nt said: Pun, topshop kan bisa shopping online bu =]

    hehe, udh tau kok, Elz, cuma barang2nya banyakan di toko aslinya & it’s always better to try them on in real life, don’t you think? ;)btw, back then they didn’t ship to countries outside UK, cuma baru2 ini (like 3 months ago or something) mereka buka jalur shipping kemari. haven’t got the chance to try it though. i still wish they open their store here, hix.

  3. In contrary dear, actually the online shop has the full & complete range in comparison to the retail shops. It depends on where you go of course, if you go to say Topshop in Oxford Street in London they would definitely have the full range coz they’re super huge!! But those massive stores are only limited and far and few in between, & for most of the remaining shops, they’re the standard/ medium sized topshops, you don’t actually get the full range in store.As for fitting and trying, yes that’s the pissy part of mail-ordering, but if you really have absolutely none of topshop nearby, you can just do the classic order and try and then if it doesn’t suit then return it. As far as I know, all online shopping policies here has a cooling off period where you can return stuff that you’ve bought (as long as they’re in a resellable condition), so you’re not stuck with it if it doesn’t fit, you don’t like it, or you’ve changed your mind.I didn’t know about them not shipping outside the uk until recently =-/. That’s good that they do it now tho, that means you can try out the above trick! ;)Apalagi sekarang euro udah setimbang ama pounds, top deh, belanjalah dikaw! apalagi sekarang baru january sales! 😀

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