in 2009, i…

*finally got chicken pox. thank God it doesn’t happen later when i’m older. and thank God once is for a lifetime!

*got chosen for one of BurdaStyle’s members who’d present their creation at their fashion show. eventhough in the end it was cancelled. but still.

*got featured in Finnish print medias. twice! ha!

*got my lovely twin (an adjustable tailor’s dummy, that is) as a birthday gift from hubby & his parents

*sewed 1 bag, 1 safari, 1 denim skirt, 1 fabric necklace, 4 pillow covers, 1 romper/playsuit, 1 t-shirt, 1 jacket, 2 reversible vests, 4 curtains, 1 sewing machine cover, and 1 buttoned-up shirt (for hubby). wow, that’s around 1 project a month. not bad

*finally went to Suomenlinna!

*and finally, FINALLY, bought our tickets to go to Indonesia next summer.

yes, i had a nice 2009 indeed .

have a peaceful & joyful new year, everyone!


5 thoughts on “in 2009, i…

  1. siriuslyelmo said: eh tapi bisa 2x lho si ciken poks itu

    denger2 sih tergantung yg pertama kali itu seberat apa. klo kena pas masih anak2 & rada mild, atau cuma divaksinasi, emg masih bisa kena lagi. berhubung gue kenanya pas udh tua (hix) & cukup berat, smua dokter sih bilang ga bakalan kena lagi, hehe..happy new year to you too, m’dear! yes, tunggulah daku dgn manis ya. πŸ˜€

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