i’ve been hit by MJ

UFF, i.e. my fave thriftstore here in Finland, is having their sale days. got those 2 jackets for 2€ each .
the jeans, as said here, were also bought from the same place, and i also got it for the same price back then (also when they were having that kind of sale). i’ve acid-washed them myself, though.
the T-shirt on the first set is The Muppet Show’s Animal, that i ALSO got from UFF for 2€ during the sales..i believe i got that when Jhony was here.

a co-worker of mine once said to me that glittery fabric is SO me. i didn’t think of it much at that time, but now that i do…it’s kinda true .

at first, it was only the Dorothy-shoe madness of mine, that drove me to buy the red glittery Zara flats. but then, i also got myself a gold glittery cardigan (UFF) & purple Zara glittery tights (Stockmann Outlet) over the years, to say the least, and even the last vest i made for myself was from a glittery tulle fabric!

well, after seeing Michael Jackson’s This Is It movie last weekend, in which the man himself wore all kinds of glittery-shiny-bling-blingy jackets, it hit me.
maybe it’s been his influence on me all this time afterall .
considering i practically grew up listening to his songs (starting from the Thriller album..still remember how i couldn’t sleep after seeing the video clip for the first time when i was 3 or something), it’s no wonder i became fond of (almost) all things that glitter.

so i went to UFF store yesterday with that mission. and was so happy to find 2 MJ-ish jackets.

had fun taking the pictures today, though sorry for the bad quality as i had to take them myself with the automatic timer .
maybe later, i’ll post the individual pics of those 2 sets in this album, so you can view the items in (somewhat) greater detail, but right now i’m tired already..

more findings from UFF to be posted later. someday. hehe.


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