saying goodbye.

i first heard the news on Sunday, and somehow i still believed that it was a lie or misunderstanding.
but when i heard the confirmation on Sunday night, i had to believe that it’s true.
you‘ve really left us and gone to the afterlife world.

3 days went for my brain to comprehend the news.
reading the story of your last few days here on earth didn’t help.
seeing other people’s comments and last messages to you also didn’t help.

i tried to remember all the conversations we had. it’s not much, and mostly only by Facebook messages, but you were there.
now, the messages are still there in my inbox. but you’re not here anymore.

i flew your VF account on Saturday night. the time when, in real life, you struggled with your life.
i didn’t even know what you were going through.
and hours after that, i got the news that you’re gone.

Avi, it didn’t seem right for me to write my goodbye to you through a thread on my Facebook inbox.
it also didn’t seem right for me to write it on the wall of your Facebook.
so i decided to write it here instead.

though we’re never physically met in real life, i do feel like i know you physically. how can i not? sometimes we are one in Virtual Flights world. you taught me almost everything i know in that game.

and through the Facebook notes (in which you’d usually tag me to also fill in), i’ve come to know more about you & your life.

from now on, whenever i fly in VF, i always feel like there’s an empty seat there next to me. a silent you, there, flying with us around the world.

because you are still silently there, in all of us.

rest in peace, Avi. have fun flying with your baby up there.
i will miss you a lot.

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