cotton candy and cupcakes..

..are just a few of my favourite things .

in fact, i like them so much, that i decided to carry them everywhere with me.
here’s how:
1. i got the Stylish Dress Book from my sister and mum for this year’s birthday.
2. found a very cute vest pattern there (though the pattern is only for the vest itself, the fabric they used in it already has ruffles..).
3. wished for a very light & soft tulle fabric here in Finland (there’s always been lots in Mayestik, Jakarta, but i hadn’t seen it here before..).
4. got my wish come true, as there’re lots of light & soft glittery tulle fabrics that came last week to Eurokangas . bought it right away in white colour.
5. combined it with a cupcake flannel fabric i’ve bought from a year ago.

and yes, FYI, i sew every fricken row of ruffle there on the vest. first by hand to make the gathering (gently, so the tulle won’t break), and then onto the vest by sewing machine.
took me 2 days to finish it, from copying the pattern to sewing the last ruffle part, but i’m sublimely happy with the outcome .

the idea is, again, that i can wear it both ways..the cotton candy way, and the cupcakes way .

oh, and check out my new stockings! i love love love them, the back sides are black, and the front sides are of lower denier number so they’re more transparent than the back.
found them at Lindex for only 8.95€ .

for bigger and better pictures, please go here!


9 thoughts on “cotton candy and cupcakes..

  1. saxsilverain said: ya, bisalah harga keluarga buat servisnya..tapi kain dan bahan2 lain tak bisa didiskon πŸ˜‰

    oohh… baiklah*mulai masukin uang ke amplop buat bayarin elmo bikin baju ke puni*

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