finally, acid washed jeans

about 1.5 years ago, when UFF was having their sale week, i got these Esprit jeans for only 2€.
i don’t have a picture of them before the makeover, but trust me, they were bootcut jeans .
i got them because they sit well on my bum, but then i ended up not wearing them that much, cuz they’re a bit too long for my legs & since they’re bootcut jeans (and i often wear flats), the edges always drag dust & dirt .

so i finally decided to remake them to something i would wear, lots and lots of times.

first, i cut the inner sides so they’re no longer bootcut. (these remain the only pieces of the jeans that still has the same colour as the original one…)
all i did was wear the jeans inside out, gather the front & back parts of each leg on the inner part of the leg & pin them together, forming the leg shape, cuz i wanted it to be somewhat like skinny jeans, eventhough these jeans aren’t stretchy.

after that, i just sew them, and finish the edges with zigzag stitch, and cut the remnants of the jeans, which you can see in the picture here. since they’re no longer bootcut, the edges fall right on my ankle (when i scrunch it upwards a bit), and they no longer drag dirts!
guess i can open my own “permak jins” place now!

then, comes the exciting part: acid wash. after seeing the tutorial here, i ran to the grocery store and…did you know that Finland’s so advanced in technology that they don’t even have a NORMAL bleach????? couldn’t believe my luck . there’re bleach in sachets, that you just throw into the laundry machine, but not the normal, BLEACH in a bottle.
i ended up buying this thing called “textile colour remover” thinking that it’s the closest thing to a bleach.

when i got home, eager to try acid washing my jeans, it turned out that the darn colour remover is a POWDER. nothing like Bayclean. ergh.
so i mixed it with water, got my throat irritated in the process, poured the water over my jeans and prayed. and waited. for 10 minutes. 15 minutes……20 minutes????
nothing happened.

then i noticed the bluish ink on the bathroom floor….er…okay…

i finally decided to rinse them, and …my jeans were fricken BLEEDING BLUE. (as you can see from the picture here).

rinsed rinsed RINSED them more for like maybe 15 minutes, they kept bleeding. i finally chucked them to a plastic bag and ran to the laundry machine downstairs.

then, i tried putting the floor of our bathroom back to the way it used to be, to no avail. no matter how hard i scrubbed it, there’re still splotches of blue here and there. well, lesson learned, the hard way!

when i took the jeans out the laundry machine, they’re just….not bleached. the colour ran out, but they’re all pretty much the same. so: colour remover is NOT THE SAME as bleach, remember that. you’ll save 6,99€ and get to keep your bathroom floor ink-free.

our next laundry time, i finally decided to try using the bathroom cleaner we always use. i didn’t even realize that it actually says “klooripitoinen valkaisu- ja puhdistusaine”. valkaisu = bleach!!
the bleach has always been there under my nose the whole time!

tried it…and after 5 minutes from pouring the bleach to the jeans, i could see results already! (yes, i’ve fallen in love with this bleach during this step.)
after washing them in the laundry, it’s finally done: i have acid washed jeans! yippieee!

now i just have to decide, make some holes/tears here and there on them, or just let them be “intact” like these…for now, i’m wearing them as they are. what do YOU think?


4 thoughts on “finally, acid washed jeans

  1. padmageeta said: I think better leave it as it is now, without holes/tears……… 🙂

    yeah, least until they’re worn out & start getting ripped apart by themselves, sekalian deh dibikin robek2 kali 😀

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