birthday wishlist

made just out of boredom . of course it would be nice if i can actually get any of these, but i’m not expecting anyone to do so anyhow.

here they are, shown in no particular order:

What: Stylish Dress Book by Tsukiori Yoshiko.

Why: it contains 26 styles of dresses (i’m a dress-a-holic!) and includes patterns for ALL of them!

How can I get you that: from this Etsy store (clicky clicky!).

Note: actually, any patterned book from that same seller would be lovely, but i especially love dresses & i already have the other Stylish Dress Book, courtesy of my sister and mum!!

What: Melissa shoes, preferrably this Lady Dragon Love Heart by Vivienne Westwood, size 39 in Europe sizing.

Why: I HEART Vivienne Westwood, and these shoes are so Queen of Hearts! Off with her head!!

How can I get you those: um,…i have no idea perhaps from this store?

Note: there’re some more simple Melissa shoes on sale in Topshop too, in which case i’d prefer these yellow flats .

  • What: adjustable tailor’s dummy, small size.

Why: since i can’t make my own patterns yet, it’d help me a lot to have a dummy which can be adjusted to my specific size. i can learn to drape at the same time . plus, if you buy me this, i’ll love you forever!!

How can I get you that: transfer me the money! it’d be the easiest & cheapest way, cuz i can order it from a local sewing shop here in Finland & pay it when i pick up the item from their store, so that there’s no shipping/delivery cost at all.

  • What: a piece of clothing from Tsumori Chisato’s A/W 09-10 collection.

Why: because you love me and if you see the whole A/W collection, how can you not think of me? lol.

How can I get you that: by visiting the actual store, or from some place around the net? (i’ve tried to search for an online store, sadly to no avail…they’d usually only sell her sportswear..).

Note: my size is 36 for tops, 38 for bottoms in Europe sizing

  • What: return tickets to Indonesia.

Why: do i really need to explain that to you?

How can I get you that: by going painstakingly to all kinds of airline websites, looking for the cheapest offer. (unless you’re very rich, in that case, it shouldn’t matter how much they cost.)

Note: i’d love to at least stay for a month there in Indonesia. what a waste it would be for your money if i only get to spend 1-2 weeks there . KLM and Finnair prolly offer the best prices & connecting flights.


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