what i wore to work today..

la la la la la..

thank Diana for the idea, and thank my sister for telling me about her fashion blog .

lately i’ve been feeling kind of fed up with my wardrobe. call it a stylist’s block (not that i’m a stylist…my only customer is myself these days!).
feels like i can’t come up with something new & refreshing..

but then came this fashion blog that reconnects me with a world i once lived in: experimenting fashion!

i feel like i’ve met my separated-at-birth twin in fashion world .

these are what we share interests in:
-stockings & tights, the quirkier the better
-non-identical pairs of socks, earrings, etc., and asymmetrical stuffs
-bright colours
-mixing mismatched (for other ppl’s eyes) colours & patterns in the same look
-making stuffs that we can make ourselves, rather than buying them
-wearing/using fashion items in a totally different way than how ppl would normally wear/use it, hihihi..
-Zara brand and Pasar Senen

and the list goes on.

but i have to say, she’s waaaaaaaaaay better than me . i’ve learned lots of new tricks from reading her fashion blog, and most importantly, i got reminded of why i love fashion in the first place.

if i still live in Indonesia, i prolly would never go out like that *points at the picture*, but luckily, i’m in a different country now, and i can dress up however i want!

with these stockings, i got lots of praises from my co-workers..when i told them the secret, they said “wow, what a great fashion tip!” ( i told them it’s not my original idea though still, they loved it!).

so, from the bottom of my heart, i thank thee, Diana, for sharing your rad fashion sense! i hope you’ll never quit blogging there!

on me: vintage shirt, shorts & bag from UFF, 2 pairs of stockings (with the other leg parts wrapped around my belly & tied together! good thing i only worked for 6 hours today, haha), giant non-branded watch (a customer once mistook it for a hugo boss watch..lady, i’m not that rich!), and Zara girls shoes.


5 thoughts on “what i wore to work today..

  1. Oh yay!!awesomeness!! And many thanks for the kind words..:) btw, where do u work? I envy that u can dress up like that to work..and u’re not in indonesia?

  2. dianarw said: btw, where do u work? I envy that u can dress up like that to work..and u’re not in indonesia?

    in a fabric store…in Helsinki, Finland :Dwe can dress up any way we want to, as long as it’s polite enough for the old customers to see (=no bikinis, at least, haha).thanks for dropping by!!

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