100 truths

forgive me Father, for i have …not done this for a looong time

001. Real name? not writing it here, sorry!
002. Like it?? no. it needs to be longer than that
003. Nickname (s)? those who know me knows.
004. Status? content, hehe
005. Zodiac sign? Cancer
006. Male or female? male, please! (i’m female though, thanks for asking)
007. Elementary? SDK Tirta Marta BPK Penabur
008. Middle school? SMP Tarakanita 1
009. High school? SMU Gonzaga
010. Hair color? blackity black
011. Long or short? longish short
012. Eye color? daaaaark brown
013. Weight? 51. yes, i’ve lost a lot of weight, darn it
014. Height? 163
015. Righty or lefty? righty
016. Loud or quiet? quiet, most of the time
017. Sweats or jeans? jeans, if i have to..but definitely not sweats
018. Phone or camera? um..can’t i have both?
019. Health freak? nope
020. Piercings?? one on each ear
021. Do you have crush on someone?? oh, always…bang Hyde dan mas Johnny Depp…ahh..
022. Eat or drink?? ah, pertanyaan aneh. ya tergantung situasi atuh, klo lagi laper ya makan, haus ya minum…gmn seh?
023. Purse or backpack? purse. backpacks are functional, but quite unsafe from the thieves’ hands.
024. Tattoos? still planning to get one
025. Do you like yourself?? of course
026. Current worry?? ahahaha, you’re kidding right? i’m a straight descendant of the species Worrypus Almost Everythingus

027. Orange or apple juice? apple
028. Night or day? night
029. Sun or moon?? moon
030. TV or internet?? internet
031. PlayStation or Xbox? PS
032. Kiss or hug? depends on the person in action
033. Iguana or turtle?? iguana
034. Spider or bee?? incy wincy spidey
035. Fall or spring?? winter 😀 oh okay, fall it is
036. Limewire or iTunes?? er..none.
037. Soccer or baseball?? baseball/softball! damn, i miss playing it!!

038. First surgery?? 1996 ..or was it 1997? can’t really remember
039. First piercing?? definitely 1981
040. First best friend? Kanti & Talitha
041. First sport?? bulutangkis, spertinya…
042. First award? think it was 7th grade, on our school’s traditional dance competition. we won first place
043. First crush? my classmate in elementary school, mwahahahaha!
044. First pet?? either a dog or a bunny, i was too small to remember!
045. First big vacation? what do you mean, “big” vacation? Bali counts, right? it was when i was a toddler, don’t know what year..
046. First big birthday? ah, again “big”…i don’t know, i have a feeling my birthdays from 1-10 y.o. is bigger than my later birthdays, in terms of how many invitations i sent out

047. Eating? nothing
048. Drinking? my own saliva? nothing
049. I’m about to? eat lunch & then go grocery shopping
050. Listening to? JakFM online radio
051. Singing? nothing
052. Typing?? the answer to this question
053. Waiting for? er..lunch time

054. Want kids?? yeah, at least one
055. When?? someday in the future
056. Want to get married?? already am
057. When?? about 2 years ago
058. Where do you want to live?? if possible, in our own house (not apartment), here in Finland. it’s still a long shot, but who knows, right?
059. Careers in mind? fashion designer/illustrator
060. What did you want to be when you were little? chronologically: ballerina, physicist (yes, you read me right), fashion designer
061. Mellow future or wild?? wildly mellow future, how’s that?
062. Something you would never try?? having an open relationship

063. Lips or eyes? eyes first, i guess
064. Shorter or taller?? taller
065. Romantic or spontaneous? spontaneously romantic *sighs*
066. Nice stomach or nice arms?? nice arms, xixixixi
067. Sensitive or loud?? sensitive enough to know when he’s too loud –> haha, hear hear, Miy!!
068. Hook-up or relationship? relationship
069. Trouble maker or hesitant?? darn, both are wrong..how about a quiet daredevil? that sounds right about perfect
070. Hugging or
BOTH, and again, it depends on who’s doing the action
071. Tan skinned or light?? light
072. Dark or light hair?? dark (i know what you’re thinking i’m only being truthful here!)
073. Muscular or normal? ugh, definitely NOT muscular, thanks..anything else is fine by me

074. Lost glasses/contacts?? nope
075. Ran away from home?? nope
076. Held a gun/knife for self defense?? hmm..no, unfortunately. must be nice
077. Killed somebody?? mentally, lots of times
078. Broken someone’s heart?? yes, sorry
079. Been arrested?? nope
080. Cried when someone died? yes..
081. Kissed a stranger?? nope, the idea turns me off already
082. Climbed on a tree?? no..how sad is that??
083. Liked a friend as more than a friend?? yes..i’m married to him now

084. Yourself?? most of the time
085. Miracles?? yes
086. Love at first sight? no, no, no
087. Heaven?? yes, though it’s a different kind that those in the Bible/Koran
088. Santa Claus?? yes, how can i not? i live in his country now
089. Kiss on the first date?? maybe, sometimes, if the person is right

090. Is there one person you want to be with right now?? yes
091. Do you like someone?? i love him
092. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life?? i’m content, and know logically that i have most of everything i need already. but i can’t help missing my family & friends over in Indo & wishing that we’d get enough money to go there & just see them, meet them, even for just a little while
093. Do you believe in God?? yes

094. Received/sent text message?? my sis
095. Received call?? my hubby
096. Call made?? my hubby
097. Comment on MySpace?? i don’t do MySpace
098. Missed call? my hubby
099. Person you hung out with?? my hubby, again?? yes, i agree with you, i do need a good dose of social life
100. Post as 100 truths and tag: whoever wants to do this, consider yourself tagged

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