the story of us, in short

been wanting to make more scrapblogs, and this time i decided to follow the dark side of my heart

again it’s a simple “story”…i made this for a gift to my hubby, just for being himself

i love how it turned out, a bit poetic yet naive.

to view it more clearly, click here.


7 thoughts on “the story of us, in short

  1. kleinebeer said: Kalo gue bikin beginian buat Victor mah yang ada diketawain..

    xixixi..bikinnya yg sesuai selera kalian dong, kan ga usah cheesy ginih :Dyg comical skalian, huehuehue..iya addictive, tapi tetep aja klo belom ada ide/fotonya ga memadai mah…bingung mo bikin apaan lagi :p

  2. hueee..tergantung model kali yaa..biasanya klo rambut gue panjang, keliatan membosankan skali T__T trus ujung2 rambut gue keriiiing bgt *sigh*tapi kyaknya buat winter emg mesti manjangin rambut nih..dinginnnn..

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