so i had this 3,5m satin fabric that was just lying around the house…well, not really, but i got it as a wedding gift 1,5 years ago, and now my mum sent it to me via Jhony, since i was getting excited about the whole sewing thing these days.

knowing that it’s slippery & just plain hard to sew (hankala kangas in Finnish ), i was rather timid upon touching it, or even thinking of sewing it..until i finally found the perfect solution!

yet again, i found this sewing project thing from here, and this time it doesn’t even need any pattern!

so i decided to just go for it..and managed to finish it in just 1 day!
it’s a great dress, in which i learned how to make a drawstring (very easy!), and even if the fabric is a little stretched here and there, you won’t even notice it (at least i hope you won’t!).

there you go, my 2nd baby!


8 thoughts on “hehehe..

  1. Multi-function dress gitu ya? :DI can see it being featured in a glossy magazine under the title “7 Ways to Wear …” (fill in the blanks).Bisa dong bikinin gue… Hahahaha… Kan gak pake pola… Kalo buat gue sih jadi atasan doang kayanya nih, bawahnya tetep pake celana panjang. Trus tambah belt/pokoknya diiket pinggang/slightly above hips… plus kalung… Paan sih, kok jadi gue yang ngayal… :))

  2. kleinebeer said: Bisa dong bikinin gue… Hahahaha… Kan gak pake pola…

    bisa sih, tapi ga pake bahan satin kali ya…hmm…mari kita pikirkan nanti πŸ˜€ klo di yg aslinya sih dia pake bahan kaos.oya, gue juga akhirnya pake ke luar rumah ditambahin belt & leggings item kok, and it looked like a million dollar designer’s dress, haha!! πŸ˜‰

  3. thanks again for the nice comments yaaa πŸ™‚ senaaaaaang skali klo udh jadi 1 baju yg bener2 enak dipake, rasanya lebih nikmat daripada belanja baju πŸ˜€ (this coming from a shopaholic like me, hihi).

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