aku benci sakit!
apalagi sakit flu!!
apalagi klo ditambah demam & meriang2nya!!!

…apalagi klo semua ini mengakibatkan kesempatan makan sushi melayang begitu saja!!!!

penyakit, enyahlah dikau!!!

…by the time i wrote this, i’ve sneezed 3 times today, slept for what felt like days, drank finnish flu medicine, indonesian traditional flu remedy, ginger drinks, tea…all to no avail!!!!


6 thoughts on “grrrrrrrrr…

  1. ohhhh, get well soon, sweetie!! And then tell us all about Delirium from Cirque du Soleil, OK? Be patient, every illness has its process, u will get better soon enough, just rest and sleep, drink tons of water, aside from the ginger and medicines. BIG, BIG hug from moi.

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