this news vs. C-Choir


i wonder if any of my friends here remember that i was once in a cool choir called C-Choir .

having been in another country for the past 6 months, i rarely hear any news from them now, but seeing the news on that link (click up there) makes me remember them.

and again, i feel weird.
WHY didn’t WE get that much sponsoring bands when WE were going to perform a similar concert like that one a while ago? is it just because our name is not that popular? and apparently, a bunch of kids from a well-known school is more popular than us, hence the many bands sponsoring for that show. believe me, we’ve TRIED our BEST to approach those popular bands/singers. but did any of them show up? of course NOT.

i’m not saying our concert was bad. it DID help raise quite a LOT of money for that elementary school we’ve intended to help. but i can’t help imagining how much MORE money we could have raised, have we had more popular bands sponsoring our show, and more young people showed up to see their fave bands in our show. and of course, how much more popular C-Choir would be amongst people in Indonesia.

maybe this post is yet another rant here in my page, but i hope this can somehow enlight my friends in C-Choir for their next own concert.

5 thoughts on “this news vs. C-Choir

  1. Pensi2 gitu kan artisnya dibayaaaar.. lah kita? *pake logat Tegal*Bukankah malah lebih bangga kalo tanpa artis terkenal pun kita udah ditonton dan raise quite a lot? Hehehe… Jadi inget Eskulin Kids yang pake karakter2 kartun supaya awareness orang terhadap produknya meningkat (but in our case kan jadi rancu, orang dateng mo liat kita atau bintang tamu?)

  2. Community power… fokus kesitu aja kalo C-Choir sih, soalnya base networkingnya kan kuat. Ntar kalo dah lebih punya nama, pasti kerjasama ma artis juga lebih mudah……atau malah nanti sih dah gak perlu sama sekali =)suksess ya!

  3. yah beginilah Punce kalo kerja charity…Di jaman sekarang yg serba komersil, agak sulit melebarkan networking kalau tidak ada untungnya buat mereka…But be proud, it was a “golden year” for C-Choir, menurut gw looh… dan hopefully there’ll be platinum moments and diamonds too (kok kayak toko perhiasan yaa)

  4. diniluvchocolat said: But be proud, it was a “golden year” for C-Choir, menurut gw looh… dan hopefully there’ll be platinum moments and diamonds too

    Ayo Din, kapan kita mengaktifkan diri lagi niiih? Biar gak stres kerja melulu… Hehehe…

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