pelipur lara

another day passes without the notification from the immigration office (about my residence permit).
and why why WHY does this store have to have a job opening right NOW, when i don’t have the residence permit yet, and when i can’t speak Finnish yet??

*sigh*yeah it’s “only” another Japanese store in Finland, and it’s “only” another job opportunity passing me by..
why do i want to work so bad already anyway? well, 1, so that i can also make an income for my family, and i won’t feel too guilty anymore when i use my husband’s, OUR money, but still, they mostly come from HIM, and it just doesn’t feel the same as when you can have your share of the money too as part of OUR money, if you know what i mean.

2…so i can have other activity rather than just sitting here in front of our laptop, going online, watching tv, and doing other home chores..

and why do i want to work at that certain store? 1, cuz it’s a JAPANESE STORE T__T
2, cuz maybe by being a sales girl, i won’t have to master Finnish so much yet.
3…cuz it’s a JAPANESE STORE!!! T___T

mmeh…i was so sad and down yesterday when i found out about this job opening, i even cut myself with a knife (accidentally of course) while preparing dinner…

knowing this, (and because i’m currently having sore throat & running nose, thus i’m in need of some cough medicine/warm drink) Antti suggested for us to go to Sello…and eventhough he didn’t know what i wrote in my blog here yesterday (about being a “normal” girl, hanging out at the mall & looking at some shops’ sales ), for some reason he made up for it by asking if i would like to see some shops’ sales there
and in the last shop we went to (a book store), we bought this small book:

yes it was also on sale (from 6 euros to 3 euros *v*)
and that is how i gained my happiness again last night, and slept well


2 thoughts on “pelipur lara

  1. Hang in there sis… :)Gue juga lagi bosen banget… Nothing exciting everyday… Cuma ngurus Freya, nerjemahin, mandi, makan, dan sesekali ke bank atau supermarket. Whaddayaknow.. Sekarang kita jadi Desperate Housewives! :p

  2. Ya punn, hang in there !! Gw skrg lagi mual2 ga keruan, cape ga jelas juntrungan nya.. dan yang sgt tragis, kehilangan nafsu makan !!! Jadi srg bolos les dan di rumah aja, merenungi nasib 😛 Tapi jadi ga terlalu pilu ( meminjam slogan nya Cumot ) kalo tau aku tidak sendirian 🙂 Tetap semangat !!

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