NOW that’s what i call FRIENDS

after the stress i felt today with the so called “friends”, i called my hubby (and cried my heart out)..i needed his comfort THAT much to even make a long distance call

and then i prepared myself to look okay again, and flew to Kemang Food Festival to meet my mid-school friends (Nana, Ivy, Via).

we had a laugh (lots, actually, not just “a” laugh), and i just felt like we’re thrown back to middle school life, minus the cliques and the hypocricy from all the other people in our middle school back then.

we don’t see each other that often, in fact we prolly only see each other once every year, or once every two years, but yeah, somehow, we always manage to get along just as well as we did back then.

it’s really funny and sad that i only got to do this just as i’m leaving Indonesia for good.
but it was such a perfect moment too, as if God reminded me how “friends” can still REALLY be “friends”, unlike those so-called ones i stated in my previous entry.

so today ended in a nice way afterall.


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