(jumbled) thoughts upon leaving my country..

It’s funny how:

1. what’s considered exotic to western people is considered “TKI” in my own country: when i first came back, and stepped into the Soekarno Hatta airport, the security guard was so sure i was a TKI (Indonesian Labourer). i didn’t even get this kind of humiliation in other people’s countries. but i do know how we sometimes can’t understand why those “bule” can get attracted to someone who looks like “pembokat”..and now i’m starting to think if i’m one of those

2. everything is easy here in my country…when you have money (for the “administration fees”): we know all the step-by-step process to do something legally here, yet none of those apply if you don’t have “uang pelicin”…*grmbl*

3. it’s never quiet here in my country (especially in world cup season): blame my room’s window for being right next to my neighbour’s tv room let’s just say, sometimes i wonder if they’re really watching the game or if they’re having an orgy party instead…hmm..but maybe i’ll miss it one day when i’m not here anymore, and everything is quiet except for the sound of leaves & branches, sizzling & whining at breezy nights..

..in fact, maybe one day i’ll miss all this.

hmm…will add more to this list when i find other things as interesting…(yeah right, like you would even log on to your multiply again!! *shakes head*)


5 thoughts on “(jumbled) thoughts upon leaving my country..

  1. yeah, nikmatilahsemua jajanan murah itu selama kaw bisa nakk πŸ˜€ aku menderita disini , secara salah satu cemilan favorit gw adalah kerupuk kulit yang murah meriah tapi berisik banget kalo dimakan .. ahhh.. kapan lagi gw makan kerupuk itu yaaaa…

  2. waaa, mestinya lo nitip Jhony dong, bukankah ia sedang mengunjungimu? πŸ˜‰ Hihihi..salam buat dia deh, & of course buat Oeyvin and the dog (i still can’t remember its name, lalala..)

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